Thursday, 13 December 2012

Going 'HOME'

Ahhh and relax! I have a night off ... in fact I have the weekend off.

I can't tell you




Still have a bit of work to do, but it is manageable and I can see light atthe end of the tunnel... next week is also the end of term for my classes. I amcombining all the classes into one festive party, so by Tuesday lunchtime Iwill be done teaching for the year!

So where am I off to this weekend?

Well, tomorrow Ethan and I are heading up to Strathpeffer to spend theweekend with Nanny and then bring her down for Christmas. She will be spendingall next week with us and I can't wait. I am really looking forward to going upthere as it is sort of my childhood home, and it is such a special place andmost of all they have had MEGA snow...

Looking forward to the train journey too .. it will give me a chance tocatch up on my reading and also write my Christmas cards! Generally some - timeout and time together - just what I need!

Right, I am going to get cosy and start my relaxation!

Laters baby


Friday, 7 December 2012

the fear

Wow, it is Friday again.... I have no idea what we have been doing since I last blogged.

It has all been a blur with work.. I am trying not to get the FEAR....fear that I am running out of days!!! But then I take a deep breath and work on through it. I got loads done this week and out to customers, although I still have a long list of orders to work through. However tonight I am taking the night off, I NEED it, as been up to the early wee hours most nights this week...

I put our tree up last week; I made myself take some time out for that. I am creating all these things for everyone else, for their Christmas memories. But I need to make sure I take time to create my own and enjoy the season with Ethan! I still haven't found the right balance ... maybe 2013 will be better!!I just love unpacking all the Christmas kit, remembering forgotten decorations, adding to it with new makes or purchases. I got quite emotional looking through it all, thinking of the years. Thinking about my boy and how he has grown. I still hang all the decorations he made at nursery and school through the years, precious, precious memories! I do all this for my boy. This is why I work so hard. For HIM. But it isn't fair to him if I am stressed... breathe... and relax!!

I think I am missing the allotment, missing my special place. It is how I unwind, I find it really therapeutic. However there is very little I can do at the moment as the ground is frozen, literally.. but I know spring is around the corner. I still have plenty veg stores left, and winter crops.. I still get a kick out of this.. it’s like free food. Pure joy knowing I am cooking a mealthat I grew myself!

We also have some news, exciting and positive happy news. Can't and not ready to share yet (jinx!!)... but more soon...

Right, I am off now. It is Family Date Night and I have a boy to snuggle.

Em x

Friday, 23 November 2012

a heartwarming success

This week has been about celebrating success...

I have been the Secretary of Ethan's Parent Council for his entire time at school - 4 years - in fact I was elected at Nursery inductions, before he had even started at the school. I LOVE it, I love being involved, and getting to know what is going on, getting to know the teachers, being on first name terms. But mostly I love that it makes for a really positive school experience for Ethan and I and I love that I am supporting our little school. I am so proud of our little school - don't get me wrong, we have some terrors - but in the main, loads of great, inspiring kids. This week was D Day, our Family Christmas Fair, and to say it was a success is an understatement... it was overwhelming. We did a quick count at the end of the night; and huddled in the grotto, high on Christmas spirit and sense of accomplishment, the teachers and key council members discovered we had raised nearly £1500, in one night! Awesome, I still get quite emotional when I thing of it... that is why I do it, why I give up (LOTS) of my own time, why I care. For our school, for our kids... an amazing feeling!

As I said in a previous post, I had a stall at the event. At one point I had to leave the Head manning my stall while I had to do some events organiser duties, but after that I never left the gym (where the stalls were), it was so busy I never got a chance to leave to room, to eat cake, visit Santa, drink wine or nibble.. it was mobbed. I took in lots of orders, dooh ... there was me saying my book was closed! Ethan kept running back and forth, asking for 'just 2 more £'s' .. he would bring me back things he had bought, the odd cup of juice.. but he had fun!

Yesterday I continued my feeling of joy buy making a massive dent in my Christmas shopping.. I was getting 'the fear'. I normally have it all done by end of October, but with Florida, the birth of Harper, Paris.. I hadn't done as much and kept walking with fear!!! But I have wrapped, shopped and have a list that'll get finished off in Edinburgh next week. So I am happy and calm now! Phew...

Right I had better shift it, I have gardening club up at school at 11... no rest for the wicked!

Have a great weekend everyone

Em x

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Most improved ...

a week between posts .. that's better!

Where does the time go, another week gone already... Christmas is glinting in the distance. I am hoping I will be able to enjoy more of the build up this year, without being so swamped with work.

Work is good, work is fantastic and as I am self employed work is what i need.. but something has to give so that i can have a balance between making a living and enjoying life. So this year I made a decision not to do any craft fairs. Fortunetly I am now getting enough business in without having to do craft fairs (which to be honest are so hit or miss). They are great when you start out, great for connecting with your 'audience', seeing what works. But I have had enough of sitting all day in a cold hall when i could be at home finishing off orders! I wasn't going to do any this Christmas, but I am organising the schools christmas fair and was asked to have a table (i had one last time, and aparently i have fans! hehe), and then my friend who owns a couple of nurseries in my town is having one on a saturday afternoon and asked me to come along that is all I am doing. Hopefully that will help a bit, I already have plenty of orders to keep me going, I can't wait to get all my christmas decor up and dig out the christmas china.

This week has involved parties, baking, sewing, RECORDER practice (!!!!), painting, SCRAPBOOKING (!!), digging, printing and always, cuddles!

Here are a few photos;

Right, need to move it
Em x

Thursday, 8 November 2012

what?? doesn't everyone take 5 months between posts??

oh so I sort of forgot my blog ... ermmmm sorry! you know when you just stop doing something and you get out of the habit.. out of practice...Well I try to promise and exercise my blogging muscle more often!

So since July I have been as busy as always. I had a really successful growing season at my allotment. So much so that I am in the process of moving over to a full plot 18x9 meters of glorious land. this new plot is at the far end of the site, so sheltered by the wall (of the walled garden) and the willow garden.. I was down there recently and it felt like I was in the middle of nowhere, just me and the birds tweeting.. the new plot will give me so much more space. More space to really plan my fruit cage, giving everything the space it needs. I will also be able to grow more, more of the things we use regularly.. as well as more new crops.

I recently took on the running of the school Gardening club (the school have one of the community beds down at the allotment), so it means I have the use of the poly tunnel. I have brought aubergine, chilli, pepper seeds, the kind of plants that need a little more warmth.. fingers crossed!

We also had our solo trip to Florida.. it was nothing less than spectacular. Who can't help but fall for the magic of Disney.. we are counting down to next year’s trip!

My nephew Joshua turned 4 and more importantly he became a big brother to his beautiful little sister Harper... after 20 years waiting for a girl to be born into the family we are overjoyed! She is a blessed little thing, and she has dimples... mega cute!

Last weekend I went on a trip to Paris... I have never laughed so much in my life. Literally pant wetting, unable to breathe, tears streaming down face type of hysterical laughter ... such fun!

Work has been full on, but so appreciated. After 4 years teaching the classes just tick on by, but the craft side of the business has taken off big style... Christmas has always been my busy period (this is my 3rd Christmas trading), but this year has been as busy as a 'Christmas' ... hence why some things i.e. blogging and scrapping took a back burner. I also took a pause in my OU studies after passing the 1st year equivalent.. I will get back to it .. maybe when there are more than 24 hours in a day!

So, things are good .. life is good .. as always I take pleasure from the simple things and right now I have a 4 year old wanting to go for a walk (we are having our 'date' today!) .. so I will go. But I do promise to try and come back soon...

Em xx

Monday, 16 July 2012

Oh yes, remember when I used to blog.....

Have no excuses, well I have loads. But I suspect they won't cut the mustard...I guess I just got out of the habit...

What's been happening? Erm, too much to recap. So I'll just carry on as normal and hopefully my ramblings will fill in the blanks!

Last day of our holiday at Nanny's, home this afternoon then it's back to work. Got lots of orders in and some to finish... But it's less than 9 weeks until we return to Florida, which also means its getting closer to meeting the new baby!

Also it's MADONNA on Saturday.... So excited...!!

I also need to get down the Lotte as soon as I can to check progress.. Loads of jobs needing done. I just wish the weather would improve. Yawn!

Right, I'm going to enjoy my last few hours. But I promise I'll be back soon with more!!

Emmilou x

Friday, 16 March 2012

Quick post to let you know that;





Life just got really busy, work has been hectic, I got an allotment, other exciting news which has taken up a bit of time, but all good and we are all doing well..