Friday, 28 August 2009

As promised ......

Hey everyone,

I said the other day that I would post some of the LOs I have been working on recently ... had to trawl back through to see what I have been doing since last posting. As it was the summer holidays, I didn't get as much done, and some work I can show as it was for the competition and some other commissions ... but here are a few!

em xx

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Life got in the way!!!

So, so, so very sorry ... I have been a rubbish blogger of late! It was the summer holidays and we had lots going on, but now Ethan has started school I have much more time on my hands .. and will have even more next week when he goes full-time!!

I have been doing loads of scrapping, will take some pics and get them up here asap ... been buying lots of yummy stash.. doing some home improvements... we have celebrated a few birthdays ... so lots of shopping... but mostly spending some fab time with our family and friends!

I promise to be better and not to devote all my time to Facebook, lol!

Here are a few pics to tide you over...

Back soon
em xx