Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Artist in residence

My boy and I have been busy today, we have been making a card for his step-grandad Alan, who is 70 this weekend. E decided that we should draw round his hands and feet, cut them out and colour them in. These are making up the main elements of the card (still a work in progress), but I am going to have to get him to do it again sometime as I think it would look really cool on a LO.

He has just drawn this picture for me (he has also been drawing lots of treasure maps, with x's to mark the spot, this is his Indiana Jones influence!!). I just had to scan this picture, as it is the first time he has (for me) drawn a proper picture of a person... It is so cute and adorable, i am going to keep it forever!! James told me something funny the other day. E and his dad went to see the new Indiana Jones film at the weekend (E saw the first 3 when they were on the TV recently and is now obsessed!!), when it started E exclaimed 'who is that old man daddy!?' ... so I guess Harrison Ford isn't aging that well... hee hee the observations of a child!!

27 Dresses ....and counting .....

Well the wait is nearly over .. tomorrow I head off for my BIG adventure!!
It starts tomorrow, when Ethan and I head over to the capital to meet Jo for dinner (James will be coming for E once he is back from a v big interview in London. Then they are both flying down on Friday), then we will be heading out for cocktails. On Friday, I will potter, shop and have starbucks ....!

Then, the most eagerly anticipated film of the year .... finally we get to see the girls again.. I am v excited, can't wait to see it. I have been trying to decide what to wear all week, I have changed my mind on 4 dresses so far. Thanks to a fabby episode of Oprah (with all the SATC girls and Mr Big), I changed my mind once again. But inspired by the stunning clothes, I think I am all set?! I just need to get a gold belt and long necklace ....

So get your cosmopolitans ready, here come the girls!!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Afternoon everyone ...

Oops ... brought more stash home from work ... plus lots of freebies!!

Have been challenged by Vicki to list the 5 things that make me happy, so here goes:

1. My beautiful, funny, delightful, wonderful son Ethan. He makes my world go round, he makes me get out of bed in the morning (usually early!!), he gives me unconditional love, loads of cuddles and most of all he makes me believe in all that is good and look to the future with happiness and excitement. He is my greatest achievement and I could sniff the top of his head and his warm skin forever!!

2. My friends and family. Although they both drive me insane, I wouldn't be without them all, mad band of merry folk that they are!! When the world gets you down, when times are tough, when you can't see the answer, my friends and family have helped me through. Nothing beats spending time with your F and F, laughter and love is the best!

3. Cooking. I love to cook, pottering about in the kitchen. I think in a previous life I was probably a witch, mixing potions and tinctures.... I love to cook for the people I love, more than I love to eat, which is a bonus!! I find cooking extremely relaxing and therapeutic, cooking for lots of people is especially fun, so I love cooking Christmas dinner (i know i am mental!!).

4. Sun. I just adore the feeling of the sun on my skin, shedding your clothes and feeling the warm air, basking in sunlight. I love my summer holiday and would quite happily go and live somewhere sunny, with a cold Mythos and some salted crisps... bliss!!

5. My bed. I have a feather bed, feather pillows and duvet and a 320 thread count covers, so my bed is bliss... especially after a Molton Brown bubble bath.. Even thought Ethan currently prefers my feather Haven to his own, I still love my bed. Nothing beats snuggling down for the night ... although I do end up with Ethan, Charlie and Lola squeezing me to the very edge by the time morning comes!!

Ok peeps, got to go and do some HW.
em xxx

Monday, 26 May 2008

Party Time ...

Just a quick post as it is a v busy morning and I am off to work in a wee bit. But v pleased as I have manged to book Ethan's party (yay!!), so just need to finish off the invitations and get them in the post!!

Can't believe my boy will be 4 in 6 weeks ... yikes, time is going to fast. Just need to get him to make his mind up on the cake (i want to make it, being the domestic goddess that i am, hee hee), but he wants a Dr Who cake, although last week it was a Power Rangers one!!!

Don't even know what to get him for his birthday ..... (he wants a dog or a gun, lol!!)


Sunday, 25 May 2008

Postie, postie bring me stuff!!

Also, I should have a wee stash delivery coming tomorrow (if it isn't a Royal Mail holiday in Scotland?!) ... Practically all the colours of the rainbow in VersaMaigic chalk ink, more chipboard and BG goodies.

Plus I got some more bits from work to play with!!! I can't help it, so many yummy things ... we got a delivery of some fab new delicious buttons and i keep discovering new fabric/lace/pin/ribbon combimations!! Oh....I got a load of new gemstones, it's my discount, it gets me every time, lol!

Also, I had a wee shot of the Big Bite on Thursday, am so tempted ..., should I , should I??

Defo night, night now, I've got another busy one tomorrow.

Ooohhh McLoving!!

Yay, Yes, WOW ... whoop, whoop!!!

I was on the edge of my seat, literally. Funny, heartbreaking, laugh out loud, excellent!

Got to love Grey's, it is so great, fab, the best TV programme ever. (Plus, couldn't you just melt in PD's eyes?). I did the Greys quiz and I am Izzy (well she does like to bake, lol!!). Oh I love it.

Just got go wait another 4 months for the next series to start many cliffhangers ...!

Night night all - i am off to dream that I am Meredith.... swoon!

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Still in the dark!

I haven't had time to watch Grey's yet ... so I still don't know what happened (don't tell me!!). I am of out for dinner tonight but I might try and watch it when i get back, depending on how tired I am .......?!

Just had a call from my Nanny to thank me for her birthday canvas. She has been showing it off to the entire population of Strathpeffer by the sounds of it and was dead chuffed. This is why I love giving people hand crafted pressies, they really value the hard work and effort and it means a lot to them.

I am missing a Eurovision party tonight, I always back Greece as they are usually the best (not that I am biased!!). So I will have to make up for it next week with our SATC evening ... soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!

Okey dokey, better go and get my party frock on.
Night night everyone.
em xx

Friday, 23 May 2008

Excitement .... anticipation ......Joy??!

I know i am incredibly sad, but I am a HUGE, MAJOR, BIG TIME Greys Anatomy fan ... and I just love Meredith and Derek.
So with much anticipation and excitement I am currently downloading last nights US 2 hour finale ...

Will they reunite? Will we get more McDreamy McLoving? Will they get shot of that annoying Rose? I certainly hope so!!!
Back soon
em xx

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Technology ... grr!!

Still trying to get to grips with the new style UKS, am not liking the new way we have to chat on our team - it is all back to front and you don't get email notifications ....

Anyway, have finished the LO for the weekly challenge that my team The Slinky Pink Scrappers is setting in a few weeks, here is it; Got to take E to nursery in a bit, then going to chill. (He is currently trying to strangle himself as he likes the sound it makes when he tries to cough ... it is freaking me out as sounds like he has croup!!).

Em xxx

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Ant attack

I discovered an invasion of ants marching up and down my hall last night. Despite much midnight dyson-ing and a nightmare about cockroaches, they were still there this morning. So an emergency strategy, other than a jam jar of sugar water was called for! After many bottles of ant killer were purchased (dam those little sods on my brand new beige carpet!!), E and I had a little shopping trip and fun of our own.

He has been so good and lovely and yummy and cute recently, adjusting really well to my new job, that I decided he needed a little treat. He has also been hankering for Bee Movie for a while now, plus I haven't seen it, so he got to pick that. Then he picked out a little outfit for himself (thankfully he seems to have decent taste in clothes) he looked so grown up, carrying his own shopping bag. After a little more shopping, where he managed to wangle a few toys, we headed out for a scrummy dinner. He was really well behaved and great company, plus he ate loads of his dinner. He also took great pleasure in charming and entertaining our fellow diners, while i slurped on a glass of wine!!

All in all it was a great afternoon/evening - and to top it all off, I seem to have nuked all the ants .. so fingers crossed they wont make a reappearance!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Busy bee

Oh what a busy day E and I have had... but I am v tired now. Monday is my laundry day, so I was up bright and early, although i couldn't really sleep last night as had lots of strange dreams about Ethan. Then had to get him ready for nursery as he was having lunch there today while I went to work for a few hours. Then we went to Asda, stopping off at the park on the way home. E fell over and scrapped his leg, so he was v upset, he also scrapped the palm of his hand ( i remember just how much that used to nip!), but thanks to a special lolly he was fine. These lolly's are great - Jay discovered them because of her diabetes, so they are sugar free and v tasty, the perfect treat!

E is in the bath, so I have just run around with the hoover, changed the beds and finished off my ironing!!

I want to do some scrapping tonight, as I brought home lots of lovely goodies from work (well if i didn't take advantage of my 20% discount it would be silly!). I'm working again tomorrow, it is so much fun and I have the perfect outlet for my OCD... keeping the patterned paper trays in order, and the ribbons in colour sequence. I keep giving all the customers the evil eye... just in case they mess up my new system!!.

Hopefully my new phone will come tomorrow, but what are the chances they will come when i am at work!? Oh and my aunt should be bringing Ethan's new scooter up, so more scrapped knees, oh dear!


Thursday, 15 May 2008

Oh i do like to be beside the seaside ....

Oh I do like to be beside the sea....

Yep, you've guessed it E and I have been playing down at the beach again!! Here are some pics; My UKS team is doing the weekly challenge in a few weeks - so I need to get cracking on my example. Hopefully my little bunny will be tired out as I also want to get cracking on this 12 week challenge over on Two Peas, plus I need to finish my first entry on the Shimelle Journal as the 25th is soon approaching!! (I am also sooooooooooo way behind on my A to Z Journal of me it is silly ... I last did my D entry, think they are probably on F by now!).

Anyway, all is good here. Plus my bro is back on Monday, I've really missed him, but he is coming round on Thursday to show me how to use my new phone. Plus I should have some stash and some new photos coming tomorrow, so I am a happy bunny!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Brandon's got talent!

My little cousin Brandon is a drummer, so what you say, well he is only 6 and he is actually really good. Here is his Britain's Got Talent audition tape.

We were hoping he would be on last Saturday, as the producers phoned my aunt. We all sat watching in anticipation, I even let E say up late, but he wasn't on. But hopefully he will be on in the next few weeks, otherwise Brandon is going to be really disappointed, as I think he has told his whole school, bless! So keep watching!

I just love his skinny little arms, so cute!!

Kiddy chatter ....

E has been chattering away in the bath ... singing to himself all about 'indy and the jones'.

He has a new passion along with the newly discovered Dr Who and Tom and Jerry. Ethan is now a big fan of Indiana Jones, so he is very keen to see the new installment out at the cinema soon. He particularly enjoyed the bits in the old films with all the spiders and skeletons!

Here are also some pics of a LO I was working on the other day. Despite the fact that I look so fat in the photo (i know, i know, I had just given birth!!), I am now starting to like it because of all the emotion it stirs in me.
Am now thinking of what to work on next... I have so much inspiration right now, working with all the fabric and seeing all the different stock at work, my mind is buzzing with ideas!!
Also just researching my new laptop, as I am hoping to get it in a few weeks. Have got my brother on the case, even tho he is off-shore, he is still my IT department (LOL) don't know what I would do without him!

Countdown ....

Yes, I am on a countdown... two weeks on Friday i will be seeing the eagerly awaited Sex And The City film and I am so excited .... I can't wait ...!

I love the show, am a massive fan, have it all on DVD and never tire of watching it again, again and again. So Friday 30th of May is D Day.

I will be heading over to Edinburgh on the Thursday for a fab girly night with Jo at the lovely Italian round the corner (that is a restaurant, not a man, hee hee!) and then I will 'potter around town' to quote Jo, on the Friday while she is at work. Before a group of us head to the flicks on the Friday, we will prob enjoy a few cocktails as well! I just need to find something fabulous to wear dah'ling!!

I just hope, hope, hope that they don't spilt Big and Carrie up, it was bad enough when she dumped Aiden!!

Take this quiz to see which character you are, v funny!! Apparently I am Carrie! 'Your friends would be lost without you and fashion houses would crumble in your absence'. Hee hee!!


Thursday, 8 May 2008

Life at the beach ....

My boy and I have just returned home - all happy and sun baked with wind-swept hair ...

After nearly 3 hours down there and lots of funny, sweet conversations, I am left with such a lovely happy warm fuzzy glow (or could that be the sun!!?)... I just love spending special moments with my boy and now that we have discovered our little beach paradise I feel so blessed.

We deviated slightly from our route today, we didn't go to the 'Magic door Beach' as E has named it, but did a bit of exploring and found a nicer sandier beach. I asked him what we should call this one and he named it 'Handover beach'!?

So I am off to brush the sand from my legs, cook the dinner and be thankful for the wonderful life i have.

Happy thoughts to everyone

Is this summer???!!

If so, I hope it continues!

Another lovely glorious sunny day, E and I both have our shorts on again, I even painted my toenails this morning! Am planning to go down to the beach again after nursery, as it would be a shame to waste the sun.. Also would be good to avoid craft day on QVC, lol!

I have just put the finishing touches to LO I was working on last night, lots of cute photos of E when he was 2!

OK everyone - go and turn your computers off and kick off your shoes and sit in the sunshine...

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Loving the sunshine ...

Well it is a lovely sunny day again up here in Kirkcaldy. So Ethan and I headed off to the beach for a picnic. We stared out with E on the bike - but after having to push him and the bike (even thought he now knows how to peddle and use the breaks!!) I decided to take it back to the house and use the buggy as tired-boy-back-up, lol!!

It was fantastic, the sun was glorious and we had loads of fun... For some reason, the fact that we live so close to the sea had completely escaped my mind until we moved into the new house. But so far we have been going down at least once a week and E loves it. I plan to spend lots of happy days down there during the summer holidays (have already spread the word to all the other little people and Amy and Logan are both looking forward to our trips there!!).

I start my new job tomorrow, i am really excited. Must remember that I need to take up my new trousers.

Anyway - here are a few of the pictures from our outing.
Hope you are all enjoying the sun too?

Monday, 5 May 2008

Productive morning!!

Happy Bank Holiday Everyone!

I was woken at 5am this morning, by my two noisy and energetic cats, but I managed to doze until 8. Was scrapping by 9 and had all the laundry washed and dried by 11.30. Have just been chilling, scrapping and watching Oprah. Basically enjoying the peace before Ethan comes back tonight. Managed to finish off the canvas for nanny's birthday, really love it. I thoroughly enjoyed the kit and will have to get started on my 4 other canvas' now!!

Here are some pics of the finished canvas; This is the LO I was working o the other day, these are from our trip to Petra last year. This is Kitty and I posing on the beach!! Have just made a cup of coffee and going to watch some Dexter, while i work out what project to do next!!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

I spoke to soon!!!

I am just back from my fist ever A&E trip with Ethan!

I noticed blood on his top when i collected him from nursery, then when i was tying his shoes i noticed this big gaping cut on his chin. So I went in to speak to his teachers and they hadn't even noticed!! He hadn't told them, or cried, bless my wee monkey. His wee friend Riley kindly pointed out where it had happened (when they were playing house!).

One of them gave it a quick wipe and suggested I take him to get it stitched, so after phoning my doctors, i was on my way to A&E. E wasn't at all impressed as the last time he was at the Dr he had his pre-booster and so obv thought they were going to inject him!. He fell asleep on the way to A&E, so i was obv busy worrying that he shouldn't be sleeping after a bang on the head. When he woke up he was all disorientated and upset and hugged the male nurser, which was v funny!! Anyway, he didn't need a stitch in the end, just a dressing...

Phew ... Hopefully I will have another 4 years before my next visit!!

Happy, Happy, Happy!!

Finally I seem to be having some good luck .. I definitely think that 2008 is going to be a good year, well it certainly beats 2006 and 2007!!

It all started when we moved in here the week before Christmas, then with E getting into the nursery up the road, and now I have this new job....

I have just come back from a meeting with them and i am really, really excited. I start on Wednesday and not only I am going to be working in the craft department, she is really keen for me to develop and organise their craft events!!!

(FYI, I used to be an events organiser/work in PR). So this is excellent as I get to do two of the things I love best, (apart from being a Mummy!!) craft and organise (don't think I can get away with my Madonna-style head-set .. god i loved wearing that!!). Hee hee...

The only downer is that I wont be able to go back to running the Kirkcaldy Crop that I set up with Jay over a year ago. Hopefully I can still attend the odd one, but Jay needs more support than I can give her right now, as our little baby is really growing fast ......

Anyway, the sun is shining and life is good, plus 19 weeks today I will be flying to Petra!! So here are some photos of Molyvos harbour ... just to let you know why i am so excited! (Are you looking Jo? That is where we will be having our dinner!!)

Hope you are all having a great day.