Sunday, 30 January 2011


Afternoon everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying a lazy Sunday........?!

I was up v early, so have already done the weeks ironing, made rhubarb crumble, got everything ready for the roast, done a LO and currently waiting for my lunch to be ready .... a chorizo and chilli rice dish I recently adapted/invented and it is LUSH!

Had a really busy but very fun week, we had Joshua, lots of scrapping, cooking, baking and sewing and buying pretties for my house; one of my highlights was finding Cath Kidson bedding in TK Max, I bought one set and pillowcases for me and one to use as fabric to make pretty things for me and the shop.
But next week is shaping up to be even better. My second OU course started on Saturday, so lots more studying. I am making another batch of the award winning brownies to take to the SANDS/SCBU sale tomorrow, we have Joshua for 2 days, Ethan has two playdates with Lucy, I am getting my 2 new pairs of glasses, my printers block alphas (I ordered 2 E's and a W) should come form the lovely Sally and the vintage dress I bought from Gizi Erskine should be delivered (I have bought a few from her before, she has exceptional taste!)...

Which takes me onto my current passion ... DRESSES!

I have always been a dressy girl, love to dress up, wear heels and my pearls. But I recently decided that I am ONLY going to wear dresses, completed my mission this week, and on Friday night I gutted my wardrobe and got rid of all separates, except for one 19650's skirt that I love ... and some vest tops to protect my modesty on low cut dresses.... I have NO trousers, NO jeans, NO tops ... feels very liberating. I HATE jeans, wish a passion!

So, looking forward to my dress wearing week ahead!


Monday, 24 January 2011


Afternoon everyone!

Apologies for the serious lack in blogging, oh dear....

I have just come from a very relaxing Indian head massage, the best and I am now totally chilled. I have a course of 4 and today was the 3rd, great way to start a Monday!

So; what has been happening? Well, Christmas, New Year, getting all my BuzyMums orders done, we had the most snow I have EVER seen in my life and we also had a very, very, very bad case of croup (E) and Flu (me) ..... but we are now both raring to go and throwing ourselves full on into 2011 ... 2011... cripes, where have the years gone? My boy is 7 soon ... *gulp*

So, mojo returned and I have been bust scrapping, is so nice to have a bit of time to chill and potter (and not feel ill) before the madness starts again..... My 2nd OU course starts on Saturday, this one is more full on and a LOT more writing, but i am sure I will cope. Been getting V good grades so far, so v pleased (85% for last one!!). Also been planning lots of new stock for the shop and all the Spring craft fairs coming up.

Now my appetite is back (I didn't eat for 10 days!!), I have been doing lots of cooking and baking, is so nice to be able to enjoy food again, so have been indulging before I have to start dieting for out Florida holiday .... 19 weeks!!!

So, i am off to have some lunch and do a spot of scrapping and chill before I go and get my beloved boy.

Have a great Monday!

Em xx