Sunday, 27 September 2009

Goossip addict

Well, thanks to my lovely sister in law I now have another tv series to add to my (very heavy) schedule ... I am LOVING Gossip Girl ... now caught up and onto series 3 ....!

The great thing is that I have been scrapping whilst I watch.. so two more LOs to share!

Enjoy, I am off to do school ironing and make Chilli-mac before Ethan gets back tonight.

Em x

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Farmers Market

Morning all,

A sunny autumnal one here ... lovely, all the trees look so pretty, but it is showing up how dirty my windows are .. had better get out there with my step-ladder and squeegee!

I had a class this morning, and then popped down the the farmers market. I love the market ... lots of lovely local produce, yummy coffee and the BEST sausages I have ever eaten ... mmmmmm mouth watering. I got some fab organic fruit and veg from the farm who deliver my organic veg box, so I am going to make some more chutney this weekend. As fast as I make it, friends and family steal it .. so need to work overtime to stock up my store cupboards!

I am extremely happy that the summer hiatus is over and all my tv shows have started back up ... plus some new ones. I watched Eastwick and Cougar Town this week, excellent and have already been added to my extensive schedule .. but most importantly I watched the double season premier of Greys .... v sad... such an excellent show. I loved how they hid Mer's baby bump (for she had a baby in real life last week)... so lots of sitting down, holding thing's and standing behind people!

Now I am going to have a yummy sausage sandwich, with fresh bread and sausages from the market, watch this weeks Fringe and do some scrapping!

I will leave you with the LO i did yesterday. Have a great weekend!
Em x

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

World domination ... baby style!

Morning all,

It is a lovely day here .. I have been up since 6.30am, thanks to two cheeky little monkeys ... but it means that I have done all the housework and now sit drinking coffee and twiddling my thumbs while I wait for Joshua to wake up from his nap so that I can pop out to get some groceries.

We have been having J to stay one night a week and I have him all the next day to help out Deb as she gets ready for going back to work ... I love it. I am so proud/lucky/honoured to have this time with him and so grateful that they want/need my help. Family is so very important to me an it means so much that Ethan and I can be a huge part in Joshua's life!!

Got lots going on at the moment .. the business is going really well and I have had so many enquiries about additional classes and with all the babies growing up I wanted to add something to keep growing with them. So I finally set a date, faced the fear and decided to launch my two new classes. Baby Move and Groove (basically a yoga/music/movement class) and a toddler/pre-school Move and Groove class (music/movement/dance/drama)... I am starting these after the October holidays, so very excited, very busy .. and a tiny bit scared!!

I am also organising the school Halloween disco with the PTA, great fun... I love Halloween... any excuse to get dressed up, decorate the house and bake lots of fun yummy things!

Anyway, I think I can hear my monkey stirring!
Have a great day!
Em x

Monday, 21 September 2009

Its Autumn!

Yes ... I think I must finally admit that it is now autumn .... a season to dig out the jumpers, start making my store cupboard jams and chutney, lovely homely comfort food and Halloween!

Now that Ethan is settled into and enjoying school, it has given me much more time for scrapping... I have done quite a few LOs and also a lovely little mini book all about Ethan's first week at school, as well as photos I have saved some of his first artwork, notes from the school etc ... he loves showing it off to everyone who comes to visit! (I haven't taken any pics of it yet, but will get some up soon).

I have quite a bit of work to do before I collect him from school, so better get cracking... but in the meantime, here are some of my most recent creations!
Em xx