Friday, 17 October 2008

The Good Life ....

Well we are having a superb time up here. Great fun and lots of time to chill out, we have been having walks in the woods, gardening, cooking, making chutney and jam and looking at lots of old photographs. Plus a spot of shopping and starbucks yesterday!

We were due to return home on Sunday, however my Nanny has a hospital appointment that I need to accompany her too and she is having some work done on the house, so we are going to stay another week. So more time to chill ....

... which will be much needed as my neighbour has just informed me that I need to report for Jury Juty a week on Monday, just what I need. I have phoned work, as I have no idea if I will be selected or how long it will last for... last time I was a juror, it went on for 10 days and was mind nummingly boring!

So it looks like I am goingt o be out of action for the next few weeks. Oh well!

I had better get back to the kichen, as I have a chicken carcus boiling away to make stock and soe scones in the oven!!


Monday, 13 October 2008

Red Leaves .....


I am busy trying to get all the laundry done before Rachel and Logan come round to play. I also need to put up the shelves in my living room, then I need to pack as we are going up to Nanny's tomorrow. I am really loving all the red leaves on the trees at the moment, so autumnal (also an excuse to get a whole new wardrobe of clothes!!). Ethan and I will take a trip through the woods when we get there and go exploring, maybe we will build a 'dent'!!

My UKS teamies and I are all getting v excited as it is only 5 weeks (and 4 days!) until we go on our SPS Retreat, we are discussing menus and pink PJ's, as well as scrapping obv!

We were at a family wedding on Saturday, all us girlies got dressed up, was great fun. Here are some of the pics, so much posing going on; I have also been given this award from Katy, thanks hun. I love your blog too!

Right, need to move my but!
em xx

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Strange dreams and a dongle ...

Yes, I have been having lots of funny/odd/peculiar dreams.. highly amusing. But i means I have been waking up at 4.30 scratching my head and wondering what it was all about...

Maybe is is because I have been devouring the new series of Dexter and Heroes and I love, love, love Joshua Jackson (remember Pacey ... swoon!) in Fringe. These are all a bit freaky, but oh so addictive. Thank goodness all the shows have returned from hiatus in the US as i am now back getting my McDreamy fix. I am a bit of an obsessive geek, so have a little schedule drawn up. It goes something like this;

Monday - download Brothers and Sisters, Dexter and Desperate Housewives.
Tuesday - download Heroes and Dirty Sexy Money

and so on and so on ... you get my drift!

Ethan and I are off up to visit my Nanny in the depth's of the Scottish Highlands in a few days, and such is the wonder of technology I can take my little 'dongle' and surf away up there. It will be particularly useful on the train a I can entertain E with the cbeebies website!!

I have also been trying to sort flights to Bristol to visit one of my oldest friends Carrie. I mean she isn't old, in fact she is only 3 days older than me. A fact she loved telling everyone when we were kids!! Carrie is the friend who I practiced kissing with (on our arms and against a mirror) and tried smoking for the first time, i am sure we even shoplifted a pot plant at one time. We were also HUGE Madonna fans (although I triumphed slightly as I have the same birthday as Madonna, and middle name and confirmation name,lol ... a fact i loved telling everyone ...). I particularly remember one Guide Barn Dance (see i told you i was a geek!!), where we wore matching knee length turquoise cord skirts and cerise pink bat-wing jumpers, patent black shoes with little white socks (well it was the 80s!!).

It will be lovely to visit again, I lived down there for most part of my childhood. I haven't been in years, but I know that there are some great scrap shops, ha ha!! But it will also be a little sad, and I know that I am bound to cry. We were best friends you see, and as a result of this our mum's became best friends and my brother and her sister 'went out', well Carrie and I made them kiss in a telephone box, lol! But my mum died 12 years ago, and I know seeing Di (her mum) again will bring all the memories back. But that is good. It is good to cry, and to remember.

So I search for flights ... and chuckle at all the memories and outfits that keep come flooding back! What were we thinking!!?

em xx

Monday, 6 October 2008

Countdown ....

Yikes .. there are only 11 weeks until Christmas.. so a kind colleague informed me yesterday .... better get my finger out and finish those cards. At least I have started my Christmas shopping, I am going to Edinburgh on Thursday for a meeting, so might get a few more bits then as I will be child-free!!

Been doing quite a bit of scrapping, but nothing I can show at the moment ... I have also had a couple of commissions through work, but don't want to put them up as they are photos of someone else's children, if you know what i mean ...? But mojo is certainly flowing ... i credit Joshua ... all those cute pics!

Got 2 weddings coming up, so need to try on party dress to see if it still fits, as I am now back down to a size 10! Can't claim any dieting credit, it is all down to illness and stress, lol!

Right, better get going.
Ta ta

Thursday, 2 October 2008

and then life changed .....

Well, what a mad few days it has been .... my beautiful sister in law went into labour on Sunday evening ... but the minxy little bubba took 48hrs to make his entrance, yep, 48 excruciating hours. I felt sick, anxious, emotional, worried and totally stressed out .... i am very protective of my little (erm over 6ft!!) brother and have known Deb since school, so the wait for news was really hard.

I was getting regular updates by text and was then passing this info on to the rest of our friends and family ... so people kept asking me 'any news' ... I couldn't concentrate at work, and if anyone spoke to me, I feared i might cry ...

BUT, finally at 3pm on Tuesday afternoon I got the call I had been waiting for (whilst in the supermarket!) ... little Joshua was here. Phew.

So i am now an aunt.. Aunty Em ... maybe I should move to Kansas hee hee!

I met him yesterday and I nearly cried all over his perfect little head. It was like meeting Ethan for the first time, that overwhelming rush of love. He is beautiful, looks just like Geoff did as a baby and has loads of blond hair. Ethan was amazing with him ... as I held him he was over my back, looking down .. 'I like him Mummy' he whispered .. 'I am going to teach him to walk' ... bless my boys!! Ethan isn't usually that keen for me to hold babies and can get a bit jealous when i shower other children with affection, lol .. but he was really eager for me to hold him, even when Marion and Jody were getting a cuddle, Ethan said 'you hold him now Mummy'. This morning he asked if we could go and see Joshua again, I think he might of fallen in love with the little bubba too!

I cant stop looking at photos of him, and can't wait to spend more time with him and help him find his way in the world ... I love children, I love my friends children, the other children in my family .. but I know that Joshua has a special place in my heart. I am going up again on Friday and then on Saturday night, in fact I think I might go up every day ... maybe I could move in, (well they do have 5 bedrooms ha ha ha)!!

So before I start crying all over my laptop, or make you all vomit with the hallmark smaltz, I will leave you with some of the pics.