Friday, 17 October 2008

The Good Life ....

Well we are having a superb time up here. Great fun and lots of time to chill out, we have been having walks in the woods, gardening, cooking, making chutney and jam and looking at lots of old photographs. Plus a spot of shopping and starbucks yesterday!

We were due to return home on Sunday, however my Nanny has a hospital appointment that I need to accompany her too and she is having some work done on the house, so we are going to stay another week. So more time to chill ....

... which will be much needed as my neighbour has just informed me that I need to report for Jury Juty a week on Monday, just what I need. I have phoned work, as I have no idea if I will be selected or how long it will last for... last time I was a juror, it went on for 10 days and was mind nummingly boring!

So it looks like I am goingt o be out of action for the next few weeks. Oh well!

I had better get back to the kichen, as I have a chicken carcus boiling away to make stock and soe scones in the oven!!


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