Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Creative flow ....

I am really enjoying the scrapping flow that seems to be happening right now, maybe it is because I have more time to scrap, but I have been really creative right now, and I am having great fun. Here is a LO I finished while E was at nursery, I started it last night. The photo is actually a mistake, I was playing with my new printer the day, didn't mean to print it out so big, but then i didn't want to waste it! This is my favourite photo of Ethan when he was a baby, he was only a few weeks old when this was taken and was lying across his daddy's knees while he had colic!


Ohhhh just got Jay's CJ from the postie (who by the way had the gingerest hair i have EVER seen!!), this is it's last leg, then it can go home to Jay. It was lovely to see the wee book again, I remember the weekend we sat, all excited making our CJ's. It is looking really good, and I am sure Jay will be pleased. I just need to ruin it all with my entry! Mine should be back next month ... really looking forward to seeing it again.

A 'first' for the morning

There I was going about my usual morning chores, feed cats, make smoothie, coffee on, lay out Ethan's clothes .... when he came through with a completely different outfit picked out. 'I want to wear this Mummy', he said proudly.
He had even picked new pants and socks, ok, so the socks didn't match, but thankfully the rest of his outfit went well, don't know if my obsessive need for things to match could of coped otherwise, hee hee!!! Hopefully he wont want to pick his own clothes every day, otherwise it might be spiderman or pirates outfits for nursery, lol!
Here he is showing off his hand picked outfit, lol!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Step away from the silicon!!

Evening all,

It is soooo windy outside even the cats are too scared to go out, I am just worried one of the trees is going to come through my kitchen window!!
Been doing some work on my A to Z journal, before I get too far behind. Here is my D entry, D is for daughter. I am really enjoying working on this, as it is a change to do something for me, as most of my LOs seem to be solely focused on a certain little monkey and his exploits!!

I have just finished another of the Birthday CC classes that I still had to do, I t was a sketch challenge by Shimelle and Banana Frog. The photos are from a day out my friend Michelle and I had with Ethan and Amy, we took them over to Edinburgh to the winter wonderland and a visit to Father Christmas.

All my LOs recently seem to be using silicon glue, think I am addicted, just wish it didn't smell sooo rank! I had a tube of it for ages, but had never used it until Jay came to stay for a scrapping weekend. I saw how great it looked and now I am hooked!

Right, I am going to watch Lost, and get my weekly does of Sawyer Lovin, hee hee!!

Friday, 22 February 2008

a 'lil bit of funky love

Yayyy! Managed to reserve one of Cleo's (of Cleo's Undomesticated Scrapping Bliss) first kits ' A 'lil book of funky love', they sold out mega quick, but I was lucky enough to see one at my Crop last week. But she has just had some more in, so I will be getting one soon. I have also reserved one of the 2nd, should be good, using new 'Cosmo Cricket Hey Sugar' line, lovely! Get them while ther are hot, lol!

I hate it when compuers don't work the way you want them to!!

While i work out how to make a new banner, since i have lost my old one, here is some of the LOs i have just finished:
This is a LO of Ethan and my brother Geoff (when he was about EJ's age) they are both so similar, and have lots of similar mannerisms.

This LO is some photos of 2 of my lovely friends, Grainia and Rachel, during a visit to Belfast. The papers etc come from the kit my teamie Ali made up for our swap.

This LO is a class from the last UKS Cyber crop. Really enjoyed this class, have done a few by Sugared Almond before.

And this LO is using the kit that I made up four my UKS team, using the scrummy 2 scoops papers. Lovely!!

oh baby, it's cold outside!

Blimey, it is cold outside! Just back from taking Ethan up to nursery, we had our wellies on and great fun seeing who could make the biggest splash!
Got a nice cup of coffee now and a slice of the apple cake that I am in love with. Making it was an experiment, as I had no banana's for the banana bread, so just added lots of apples and raisins instead. It is sooo yummy and moist, will post the recipe later.
I am having a bit of a quandary this afternoon, was offered a job earlier. It is back in PR, which is what I used to do, before i started focusing on the events management side of things. It sounds really good, but it is in Dundee, although I wouldn't mind commuting, but the problem is the job is full-time. I don't really want to work FT again, as I love being at home with E and so involved in his day to day life. I found it really hard last time I was a full-time working mummy ....

So I am having to think about it......

My carpet is covered in dinosaurs!

Hello everyone

I decided today was the day to finally get round to updating my blog, since we first moved last year, it has been a hectic year, with lots of changes, ups and downs. But could I rememeber the right password and username ... no?! So I gave up and decided to make a new Blog. This is probably going to take me all day now, but never mind...

Back to the dinosaurs.. yes they are currently fighting all of Ethan's cars which are strewn about the living room floor and can't be moved... oh the mind of a 3 1/2 year old!