Thursday, 24 February 2011

Could it be ......?

I daren't say it ..... scared I will make it go away ... but we have the most glorious sunshine here today. Feels so lovely and warm. Making everything feel happy and positive (i do generally feel that everyday) but something about the sun just intensifies it ... fingers crossed SPRING is here!

I have had a lovely day so far; went into town after school run to collect some parcels. One for me, an awesome collection of KI Memories calendar paper for my Document 2011... thank you to Sally for tracking them down and getting them from America!! I did a bit more shopping, went to Dunelm Mill for some 'bits', got the stuffing for the boys beanbags and loads of zips (just because!) and some beautiful fabric (as i can't help it!). Then I met Joshua and Debbie for lunch, did the dreaded supermarket shop and then home to put my feet up and read this fab new mag!

Need to go and get my boy from school, and show him all the goodies I got in town for him... i love buying 'stuff' for Ethan (clothes, bug magazine, new reading books, fancy plastic wine glass so he stops using mine, star wars lego).... will maybe love it less so when he is 18 and the 'stuff' he wants are cars and flats, lol!

We have a big parent council meeting tonight, so better look out my notes and sharpen my pencils. The new headmaster of the local secondary school is coming to talk to us; will grill him on exam results, lol!

Right, need to put some flowers in a vase...
em xx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wet Wednesday

Well ... it isn't really raining here .. but has that cold, grey look about the day.... how i wish for some sun! Think it is about 15 weeks and I will have some Florida sunshine on my back and Disney in my heart..... excited ... oh yes!!

Had a great week, did a lot of work (class, OU and making new stock for the shop), had my wee monkey Joshua, went to Ikea and caught up with friends.
Ethan is back from Centre Parcs, he had a ball... but think he is keen to add rock climbing, archery and fencing lessons to his after-school activities..hmmm rock climbing I can organise but not too sure where I can source archery or fencing, hahah! He was so cuddly when he came home, he brought me a lovely bracelet and a 'valentimes' cupcake ... sweet!
Been busy with the 'Brand' for the shop and my classes, doing some work revamping the websites and generally making them much more professional. Have a fab designer working on new logos, doing the website, stationary etc for me... have to say it is all looking fab and can't wait to relaunch it all!!! Watch out Lord Sugar!!

Right, I am off to watch new Glee (the one where they write an original song!!)...

see ya later
em x

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Creative Sunday

Evening all;

Is is Sunday already?! Here are some pics from my week;

Well today was my 2nd day sans Ethan who is off to Centre Parcs for the week with Daddy....missing him v much. He phoned me earlier and having a ball, so I know he is happy :-)

I had a tutorial yesterday and did some work on the 2 assignments I have due, also caught up on my Sky+ backlog!! Today I have had a v chilled and scrappy day, sorting through stash and getting creative. Also did a spot of baking (what's new I hear you asking, lol!?).

Going for a lovely massage in the morn, then some work (yawn) and some play with Document 2011.

I'm hungry, so going to make some homemade flatbread and garlic prawns.... Yum!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend?!

Em x

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Saturday, 5 February 2011

blissful weekend ...

Afternoon everyone

Having a lovely chilled weekend with Ethan as his daddy is working down in London, so I have a very rare weekend with my boy. We are just waiting on Lucy and her mummy so that we can go to the local soft play centre... I HATE these places; noisy, dirty, parents neglecting their children, who then run around wild hitting other children, greasy unhealthy food... arrrgghhhh the list goes on... BUT the children like it, the things you do for your kids, eh?! I have some wine chilling for later!

I also have some delicious salt and pepper bread sticks all ready to bake ... mmm i just love baking, as i especially love food!
I am also doing another batch of brownies and Ethan wants to do some biscuits as I bought him a cute set of dinosaur cookie cutters ... so we will defo be stuffing our faces this weekend!

This week was busy, but achieved a lot, which is great, next week looks set to be the same ... but following that Ethan is off with his dad, from Saturday to Saturday, as they are going to Centre Parcs, so I can chill then!

I will leave you with a selection of photos from my week;

I better shift it!
em x