Saturday, 5 February 2011

blissful weekend ...

Afternoon everyone

Having a lovely chilled weekend with Ethan as his daddy is working down in London, so I have a very rare weekend with my boy. We are just waiting on Lucy and her mummy so that we can go to the local soft play centre... I HATE these places; noisy, dirty, parents neglecting their children, who then run around wild hitting other children, greasy unhealthy food... arrrgghhhh the list goes on... BUT the children like it, the things you do for your kids, eh?! I have some wine chilling for later!

I also have some delicious salt and pepper bread sticks all ready to bake ... mmm i just love baking, as i especially love food!
I am also doing another batch of brownies and Ethan wants to do some biscuits as I bought him a cute set of dinosaur cookie cutters ... so we will defo be stuffing our faces this weekend!

This week was busy, but achieved a lot, which is great, next week looks set to be the same ... but following that Ethan is off with his dad, from Saturday to Saturday, as they are going to Centre Parcs, so I can chill then!

I will leave you with a selection of photos from my week;

I better shift it!
em x

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Katy said...

Mmmm lots of cooking can never be a bad thing my lovely.

Bless little J he is such a cutie.

Love ya Bestest xx