Saturday, 28 February 2009

Lovely days ... Spring is here!

Ethan and I spend a fab day in Edinburgh yesterday, I haven't uploaded the pics yet, so will post them tomorrow. We made use of our season passes to Dynamic Earth and had a lovely stroll down the Royal Mile (and back up again!), it was a beautiful spring day, great for exploring the capital. Edinburgh is a stunning city, and now we don't live there anymore, I really appreciate my visits! We made obligatory stops at the Disney shop, Molton Brown, Cath Kitson and of course Starbucks (where I stocked up on my fav syrup!).

Then I had another really lovely day today... very chilled. Had a baby class in the morning, then I arrived home to find 2 stash parcels... so spent the rest of the afternoon scrapping. I started work on my next Scrapbook Apprentice challenge, lots of yummy papers things... heaven. Then Hils came round and we had a lovely girly afternoon/evening, laughing, eating a yummy Indian (thanks for the tip Hils, I will defo order that again) and watching a rather random DVD!

Here is a LO I finished this afternoon.... some photos of me and my nanny when i was a little bubba! I will also get a fab gadget fix on Monday when my new iPhone arrives, yay!! I went for the black 16gb one, as it will store sooo much more music, and even films, which will be great for our holiday. I think you can also upload pics etc straight from the phone, which will be v cool!

Anyway, I am off to watch Dallas, as ive got a few episodes on my V+ stored up (Watch are showing it right from the beginning, 7am on Saturday Mornings ... I am a HUGE Dallas fan. I was in awe of Pam growing up, although now I do a mean Sue Ellen impersonation, ha ha ha!!).

Em xx

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Sideline ..

It would appear that word has got out at nursery that I am a card maker and scrapbooker ... i now have another little arm to my business, ha ha ! I have been asked to make a number of cards and 2 mini books, by some of Ethan's little friends mums. It think it was when they were all ohh-ing and ahhh-ing about the valentines card I made for Raegan! They have all said they would pay me, but I have no idea what to charge ....hard one. I will probably end up being too cheap (hee hee!!) but, hey ho, it is all pennies in the pot..

Here are the first two, I said I would drop them in today. The '5' one is for Raegan (Ethan's 'girlfriend') who's birthday it is next week .. which reminds me, I had better make her one myself, lol!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Difficult Times ...

What a weekend .... lots of tears, having to say goodbye to someone we love dearly!

But also it was very nice to spend some time with my Nanny (she loved her mini book!). Ethan loves her so much and he was in tears when we had to leave on Sunday night, he wanted to stay with her!

Also last week Ethan damaged his eye, somehow, and he was in loads of pain, crying and begging with me to make it stop! The doctor had to put the special dye in it, and she said it looked quite scratched and gave him some cream and a load of patches to wear. Oh what fun, trying to get cream into an little monkey's eye ..... But thankfully it is much better as he isn't in as much pain.

I also found these funny pics from the other week of him playing his Wii wearing his 3D glasses from Bold, v funny. I think he looks just like Sam Sparro, lol!
I got some yummy stash this week, and also my next SA package, OMG, delicious, yum, yum, yum, can't wait to play! I also got these really useful boxes, so have been busy re-organising all my embellies and bits that sit on my desk. Organising and re-organising stash is so much fun!
I am just going to head off to bed and watch a DVD, I have made the pancake batter, all ready for tomorrows breakfast (it is pancake day! Although we have pancakes for breakfast quite often, so it isn't that exciting!!).

Anyway, not much to say in this post really.....
More tomorrow
em xxx

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Photos ....

Here are the pics a s promised:

Here is some of my antique store find .. Ethan is currently wearing the jewelry, so I cant take a pic!

Some pics of the 2nd Mini Book

Last nights LO

Right peeps, I'm off to get my boy ready for bed!

Just do it!

Recent events have made me a little more self conscious about my health. I was supposed to go for a smear (sorry to gross you out!) over a year ago, but kept forgetting. Then the situation with Jade Goody and Hils nagging me (thanks hun!!) I finally got it over and done with today. It wasn't that i was avoiding it, i just kept forgetting, and then ages of time passed. So if you are due to have one, just do it, book it now, get it done!

I have been keeping a note of all the LOs etc I hav done so far this month, as I am rubbish and never keep track for my team points (Sorry Jen!)... and I have just counted and I have done 13 LOs, 2 mini books and 5 cards so far this month, my mojo is rocking!!

I did 2 mini books over the past couple of days, one went in the post today, and I forgot to take pics, but I will take some of the other and add them up later. I also did a LO last night, so will add that too.

I was shopping in town today and found this lovely little antiques store .. I rummaged around and found some lovely bits that are just screaming to be used on LOs. Lots of fabric, lace, crochet, old jewelery and buttons.... I feel very Jenny Bowlin, lol!

I also got some yummy bits in my local craft shop, so will have a play tonight! I am also waiting on a couple of stash orders (one is a load more dotty bazzil, maga reduced at Bellaboo and is more really useful storage. So using the wisdom of some of my UKS teamies, it doesn't count as cardstock and storage are essentials, hee hee!)

Right, I have a small boy literally pulling at my sleve!
em xx

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Countdown ..... Petra here we come!

Well, that is it booked. We fly out on Saturday 11th July .... back 'home'.

I can't wait, I am so excited ....!

In 143 days we will be sitting in the Greek sunshine and having a nice cold Mythos (well Ethan will be having a nice cold OJ)! mmmmmmm

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Life ....

Life is a funny one. Lots of crap things happen to good people, always hard. We had some bad news about a really good family friend today, someone I have known my whole life. I am praying for some good news, so have been scrapping to distract myself.

At the end of the day, it makes me remember that we only have one life, and it is short. So we need to make sure we are happy, honest, healthy and live the best life we can. It is so important not to get bogged down by negativity, and trivial things in life. Be happy, spend time with people who matter and most importantly, tell the people who are important that you love them.

Anyway, here are the LOs I was working on today, sorry about the light.
Em xxx


Ohhh just a quick post as I really need to get back to tidying up all the mess my re-organisation of cupboards and wardrobes has created...
.....but, we are going to book our Summer holiday this weekend! Have just been on the phone to Thomas Cook to check dates/availability etc. We usually go the same 2 weeks in July, same village, same accommodation ... and yay, it is still available! Just need to get my uncle to decide if he is joining us ... then we can book.

I finished 2 LOs yesterday, so will take a couple of pics and upload.

I'm off to daydream about my holiday and my favourite Greek beer! em xx

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Snow fun!

Ethan and I had great fun this morning, we made not one, but two snowmen and Ethan had a great time making snow angels ...... i was a little less keen to lie in the freezing snow! My neighbour Sandra joined us to make the second one, lots of giggles!

Here are the pics, before we headed in for yummy homemade soup and an afternoon doing jigsaw puzzles.

Ethan showing me the snow!
Ethan and the Mummy snowman
Making snow angelsBaby SnowmanRight, I'm going to make a cup of coffee
Em xx

Is it christmas????

Nope ..... we have major snow up here today, and it hasn't stopped all morning, so it does indeed look like a Christmas morning. Ethan and I are going to get bundled up later and make a snowman, yay!!

I have also been busy scrapping, here are 3 that I finished yesterday. I realised that I have never scrapped any pictures of the cats, my family is huge and I have a mountain of pictures, so I never got around to scrapping the animals in our family! But these pics are v cute, as they are from the first few days of us getting Charlie and Lola, when they were so 'iccle' and much less Panther-like than they are now! I also saw my gorgeous little nephew yesterday, he is very cuddly and full of giggles. All his hair has started to fall out and it is coming in so blond. He is the spit of Ethan (and my brother), we were looking through lots of photos, and basically the fair skinned, blond haired, blue eyed version of Ethan (who is Greek, lol!). Also waiting on lots of yummy new stash (well the new AC Thickers are so delish ... accidentally bought millions!

Enjoy the snow

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

School's out!

Well, thee is no nursery for the next 3 days, in-service, so I am thinking up fun ways to keep my little munchkin entertained! We had a baking-fest this morn, and then we are heading into town. I said we might have a sneaky wee Old McDonald's! We are off to the park and then up to my brothers tomorrow and then off to see Amy and Michelle on Friday for a play-date, so that should keep him busy!

Ethan and his little 'girlfriend' gave valentines cards to each other, so knowing that his mummy doesn't buy cards, he asked me to make him a valentines card..... oh the pressure! His teacher told me that he has lots of the little girls fighting over him, and they all want to marry him, hee hee, oh dear, is this a taste of things to come?! I don't want him to marry anyone, I want him to stay with me forever.....!

We have been having lots of Wii fun, as I got him a new game this week, Raving Rabbits, hilarious, and so doesn't make any sense. But it is great relief from Ben 10, as I get a sore head from fighting all the aliens!

Also very excited, as we are about to book our family summer holiday, yay, 2 weeks of Greek sunshine coming up (well in July!!).

Also had lots of lovely stash delivered this week, am still waiting on one delivery, but t is coming from the US, so might take a we while. Plus got some yummy Liz Earle goodies (I forgot there was a TSV on QVC recently, dooh, but her website is fantastic!), as this weather had really dried out my skin, so it needed a bit of pampering. I LOVE Liz, have been using her stuff since 1996, it is fantastic, in my opinion the best skincare around...... am currently addicted to Superbalm ..... if you sit still long enough I will slap some on you!

Right, better move my but!
Enjoy your day!
em xx

Friday, 6 February 2009

Cyber cropping .....

Woo hooo, cyber crop time is nearly here ... I am trying to tidy my desk in preparation, (you know, all those little bits that just linger around the desk... The odd ink pad, spool of dmc thread, a few random brads, empty herma .. you get the picture!) and trying to remember how many CC's I have done now... think this might be my 8th jowzer!

I have to say the Alice in Wonderland was my favourite so far .... many a delirious giggle explosion out of sheer exhaustion and manic scrapping in an attempt to get classes and challenges finished and uploaded by the deadline ....

I did 3 LOs yesterday ..... so am hoping this continues and I can get lots done over the weekend. E goes away with his dad tonight ... so I can relax and scrap in peace!

Im wating on 4 stash deliveries .. hee hee, hope they come today!!

Right, better get on with tidying up!
Have a great CC
Em x