Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Sideline ..

It would appear that word has got out at nursery that I am a card maker and scrapbooker ... i now have another little arm to my business, ha ha ! I have been asked to make a number of cards and 2 mini books, by some of Ethan's little friends mums. It think it was when they were all ohh-ing and ahhh-ing about the valentines card I made for Raegan! They have all said they would pay me, but I have no idea what to charge ....hard one. I will probably end up being too cheap (hee hee!!) but, hey ho, it is all pennies in the pot..

Here are the first two, I said I would drop them in today. The '5' one is for Raegan (Ethan's 'girlfriend') who's birthday it is next week .. which reminds me, I had better make her one myself, lol!

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Katy said...

yay you go girl, loving your cards there fab.

Katy xx