Friday, 6 February 2009

Cyber cropping .....

Woo hooo, cyber crop time is nearly here ... I am trying to tidy my desk in preparation, (you know, all those little bits that just linger around the desk... The odd ink pad, spool of dmc thread, a few random brads, empty herma .. you get the picture!) and trying to remember how many CC's I have done now... think this might be my 8th jowzer!

I have to say the Alice in Wonderland was my favourite so far .... many a delirious giggle explosion out of sheer exhaustion and manic scrapping in an attempt to get classes and challenges finished and uploaded by the deadline ....

I did 3 LOs yesterday ..... so am hoping this continues and I can get lots done over the weekend. E goes away with his dad tonight ... so I can relax and scrap in peace!

Im wating on 4 stash deliveries .. hee hee, hope they come today!!

Right, better get on with tidying up!
Have a great CC
Em x


Katy said...

awwww im living your lo's they rock misses, little e is just to cute bless him.

CC time, im not doing it as such but i am gonna scrap this weekend :D

owwwww stash parcels im NOT waiting on anything :( sniff sniff hahahahah.

Love Katy xxxx

Katy said...

opppsss im not living im loving your lo's

Jazzy1972 said...

Yep the Mad hatter crop was Crazy Fun and I love the baby E layouts. Jay x