Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Just do it!

Recent events have made me a little more self conscious about my health. I was supposed to go for a smear (sorry to gross you out!) over a year ago, but kept forgetting. Then the situation with Jade Goody and Hils nagging me (thanks hun!!) I finally got it over and done with today. It wasn't that i was avoiding it, i just kept forgetting, and then ages of time passed. So if you are due to have one, just do it, book it now, get it done!

I have been keeping a note of all the LOs etc I hav done so far this month, as I am rubbish and never keep track for my team points (Sorry Jen!)... and I have just counted and I have done 13 LOs, 2 mini books and 5 cards so far this month, my mojo is rocking!!

I did 2 mini books over the past couple of days, one went in the post today, and I forgot to take pics, but I will take some of the other and add them up later. I also did a LO last night, so will add that too.

I was shopping in town today and found this lovely little antiques store .. I rummaged around and found some lovely bits that are just screaming to be used on LOs. Lots of fabric, lace, crochet, old jewelery and buttons.... I feel very Jenny Bowlin, lol!

I also got some yummy bits in my local craft shop, so will have a play tonight! I am also waiting on a couple of stash orders (one is a load more dotty bazzil, maga reduced at Bellaboo and is more really useful storage. So using the wisdom of some of my UKS teamies, it doesn't count as cardstock and storage are essentials, hee hee!)

Right, I have a small boy literally pulling at my sleve!
em xx

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