Monday, 29 March 2010

a whole new world

Afternoon peeps,

well firstly it has turned totally wintery here again ... chilly, windy, rain and we also have snow on the way, sigh.. I am going to turn my heating back on!

One more week of school and then it is the Easter holidays. Ethan is off to his Daddy's for 5 days and then we are going up North to my Nanny's for 8 days... 8 days of bliss! After Easter Ethan will have his LAST term as a primary 1, then that is his first school year FINISHED ... where o where has this year gone??

So things have been really full-on on the old work front. I am having a 're brand', got a new website and trying to sort all the domain name/email routing malarkey ... it is quite complex! My business is called BuzyKids and I own the name, but until I can redirect that to my current page, the website is fingers crossed it should be complete this week! The website is still under construction, but it will do for now. I also need to sort new logo etc..... it never ends! I had a meeting with my business advisor today, all looking really good. But still loads to do. I have been buying soooo much new equipment and dealing with loads of enquiries/bookings, local demand has been great.

Got Ethan's school Open Day tomorrow, his class is doing a dance recital and there is loads on throughout the school. We also have a 'meet and greet' with the Parent Council, so I have to be on hand to look charming and inviting for new parents, lol. We are also in the midst of fundraising and planning the school Talent Show, so as you can imagine things are all go at the moment! Thank goodness I have 2 weeks off at Easter!

Right, I am off to crank up the heating!
em xx

Monday, 22 March 2010

A Spring-setback

... so the weather has turned all grey, windy and cold again ... jut when I turned the heating off. I am hoping this is just a temporary blip as I was enjoying the longer sunny days!

Joshua is having a wee nap just now, so I am doing a bit of work, checking emails, sorting lists etc. Have done all the laundry, sorted the beds, hoovered and have the butter out softening to make a lovely lemon cake later!

We had a fab day yesterday, Marion and I took the boys down to Largo, it was a bit chilly but they totally enjoyed them selves and Micha had a ball running around like a loon. Then we went to the local farm shop/cafe to warm up and for some yummy cakes. The farm shop and nursery is amazing, I got lots of lovely veg, eggs and some bread, will defo be going back soon. Then we went for a wander in the woods, que collecting lots of sticks from Ethan... what is it with boys and sticks?! Then we headed home, i nipped in for the boys PJ's and the travel high chair and then we went down to Marion's for a nice family tea with the boys, Jody and Graham... they had some more time running around the garden and we all tucked into a delicious roast pork dinner .. mm yum, complete with organic apple sauce made with apples from the farm shop!
Will take some picks of the sewing projects later as it is really gray today and the light isn't good!
I am off to drink my coffee


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Nothing like a nice cup of tea

ahhh and relax!

I have one little monkey sleeping and one big monkey watching Tracy Beaker, so I have 5 mins peace. I have Joshua for 5 days, as well as Ethan this weekend, so it has been toys everywhere...! But we are off to the beach later, then while Ethan is at school tomorrow, Joshua and I are off to soft play with other mummy friends and he is coming to class with me on Tuesday.

I managed to fit in some good sewing time yesterday, during nap and sleep time. I finished the top panel of Nanny's quilt, made a new cushion for my desk chair and also made two quilted pot holders for the kitchen, will take some pics later... as we are trying to be super quiet just now, so not to wake J, lol!

Will be back later with pics.

Off to drink my tea and snuggle with E.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

As promised...


It is a lovely day here.. I have been to M&T this morning and since then been scrapping my little heart out, inspired my Shimelle's new class to use up all your old stash.. and ... ahem.. I have a lot... so better get cracking!

Anyway, here is some of the crafty things I have been working on the last few days!

Bye for now!
em xx

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Nothing much

to write about in this post as I am just flying out the door to class. I have just been out to take some recycling, and brrrrrr man is it freezing again, but on the upside very sunny and the days are getting longer so I am happy!

Have some great personal news brewing, which is also putting a smile on my face and plans for Messybugs coming along nicely!

I will be back to post more, and photos of my recent crafty work soon.

em xx

Thursday, 4 March 2010

crack cake


well.. I am hoping... praying... pleading that this is Spring .. is it ... can I start to consider peeling off the layers, the jumpers, the cardigans .. putting the hats, gloves and scarves back into storage?? Please make it so!!

I had a lovely morning, went to M&T with Deb and Joshua and another friend and little imp ... M&T is great fun, I really enjoy going and getting stuck in to the fun, the toys, the songs... to sit and drink coffee and chat without having to actually run the class. Plus I get snuggles from my little J, who is the cutest, most handsome little monkey (who isn't a 5 1/2 soon to be 6 cutest, most handsome big monkey!!). We have J for a sleepover tomorrow night as G is offshore and D is off to Vegas (baby!), so more snuggles then!

I got more stash this morning, it is sitting, pleading with me to get the glue out. But alas I have lots of work to do. Currently working on marketing, designing posters, talking to the printer, sourcing children's aprons, ordering shed-loads of pva, glue sticks, paint etc etc .. the list goes on.

But I am happy ... the sun is shining, all the windows are open, I have a dress on ... lol .. and I am making a lemon drizzle cake (aka crack cake as it is A.D.D.I.C.T.I.V.E!!) in a min!

A big shout out to my bestest K, she gives herself such a hard time sometimes, but she is doing so well and I am so very proud of her, I hope the sun continues to shine on her pretty little head!


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

at times like this ....

I am so glad I am my own boss and when I am not teaching I work from home....

My boy is sick, so he is currently snuggled on the sofa with his quilt, monkey and Dr Who and I am able to do some work developing my new class programme. I am sure he will be fine soon, after school yesterday he just lay motionless on the sofa (Ethan is never still!), didn't want his dinner (couldn't even manage a jelly or an ice lolly, again unheard of), complained of a sore throat and tummy, was very hot with a temp of 38.4!

So today he is home with me, getting some TLC! March is proving to be a hit of a month so far... it finally looks like Spring is here, and I have been very busy with work. I have been developing a new class programme for a while and finally decided to launch it after Easter. It is called Messybugs, a craft and messy play class for children 1 - 5, so works well with my existing classes, and the Messybugs name is a play on 'Jittabugs' get it, lol! I am also developing it so that it can be sold along with the other franchise packages and thus making me much needed moula, hee hee!

So, I had better sign of, I am sensing that the patient needs a snuggle from mummy!