Sunday, 21 March 2010

Nothing like a nice cup of tea

ahhh and relax!

I have one little monkey sleeping and one big monkey watching Tracy Beaker, so I have 5 mins peace. I have Joshua for 5 days, as well as Ethan this weekend, so it has been toys everywhere...! But we are off to the beach later, then while Ethan is at school tomorrow, Joshua and I are off to soft play with other mummy friends and he is coming to class with me on Tuesday.

I managed to fit in some good sewing time yesterday, during nap and sleep time. I finished the top panel of Nanny's quilt, made a new cushion for my desk chair and also made two quilted pot holders for the kitchen, will take some pics later... as we are trying to be super quiet just now, so not to wake J, lol!

Will be back later with pics.

Off to drink my tea and snuggle with E.

1 comment:

Katy said...

owwwww show me show me i wanna peak my lovely.

Glad you had a lovely day with the boys.

Katy xxx