Thursday, 4 March 2010

crack cake


well.. I am hoping... praying... pleading that this is Spring .. is it ... can I start to consider peeling off the layers, the jumpers, the cardigans .. putting the hats, gloves and scarves back into storage?? Please make it so!!

I had a lovely morning, went to M&T with Deb and Joshua and another friend and little imp ... M&T is great fun, I really enjoy going and getting stuck in to the fun, the toys, the songs... to sit and drink coffee and chat without having to actually run the class. Plus I get snuggles from my little J, who is the cutest, most handsome little monkey (who isn't a 5 1/2 soon to be 6 cutest, most handsome big monkey!!). We have J for a sleepover tomorrow night as G is offshore and D is off to Vegas (baby!), so more snuggles then!

I got more stash this morning, it is sitting, pleading with me to get the glue out. But alas I have lots of work to do. Currently working on marketing, designing posters, talking to the printer, sourcing children's aprons, ordering shed-loads of pva, glue sticks, paint etc etc .. the list goes on.

But I am happy ... the sun is shining, all the windows are open, I have a dress on ... lol .. and I am making a lemon drizzle cake (aka crack cake as it is A.D.D.I.C.T.I.V.E!!) in a min!

A big shout out to my bestest K, she gives herself such a hard time sometimes, but she is doing so well and I am so very proud of her, I hope the sun continues to shine on her pretty little head!


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Katy said...

Hi bestest chick in the world, i believe spring is coming, i have little bulbs shooting up all over the garden, im doing the happy dance, its been pure sunshine here all day, ok a little nippy but still beautiful. This sunshine i believe is mine and yours hun, we so deserve it. Im going to SCRAP yes you read it right woohoo.

Much Love Bestest Katy xx