Monday, 29 March 2010

a whole new world

Afternoon peeps,

well firstly it has turned totally wintery here again ... chilly, windy, rain and we also have snow on the way, sigh.. I am going to turn my heating back on!

One more week of school and then it is the Easter holidays. Ethan is off to his Daddy's for 5 days and then we are going up North to my Nanny's for 8 days... 8 days of bliss! After Easter Ethan will have his LAST term as a primary 1, then that is his first school year FINISHED ... where o where has this year gone??

So things have been really full-on on the old work front. I am having a 're brand', got a new website and trying to sort all the domain name/email routing malarkey ... it is quite complex! My business is called BuzyKids and I own the name, but until I can redirect that to my current page, the website is fingers crossed it should be complete this week! The website is still under construction, but it will do for now. I also need to sort new logo etc..... it never ends! I had a meeting with my business advisor today, all looking really good. But still loads to do. I have been buying soooo much new equipment and dealing with loads of enquiries/bookings, local demand has been great.

Got Ethan's school Open Day tomorrow, his class is doing a dance recital and there is loads on throughout the school. We also have a 'meet and greet' with the Parent Council, so I have to be on hand to look charming and inviting for new parents, lol. We are also in the midst of fundraising and planning the school Talent Show, so as you can imagine things are all go at the moment! Thank goodness I have 2 weeks off at Easter!

Right, I am off to crank up the heating!
em xx

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