Thursday, 30 September 2010

Time ... slow down!

Well, firstly I can not believe how quickly these last 2 years have flown past ... but then again I can't imagine or remember Joshua not being here (well I can remember, but you know what I mean!!)...

Happy 2nd Birthday Joshua!

I never thought I would be able to love anyone as much as Ethan, but my wee cutie pie J is just like my 2nd son. I love him, he is such a huge part of our lives and keeps us smiling! Can't wait to see him and give him big slobbery kisses!

I am procrastinating a bit this morning as I should get my head down and do some studying. My second first year course starts on 29th January 2011, so I will have 4 months of multiple assignments and I am going to try and get as much of this course done in advance, as i can! I need 120 credits per year (each course is 60 credits and you need 360 to get the degree), so rather than wait and it take agessssssss (you all know I am not one for waiting!), I have decided to start the 2nd before this one ends. I am sure it will be fine. I managed my first degree (got a 2:1) no bother, lol ..... with a lot of late nights, hangovers, partying... missed tutorials! So I am sure, now I am older and wiser is will be fine ...?!

I am also totally up-to-date with LSNED... a first for me, the project finishes to day and I am so pleased with the end result (will post pics later). I think the fact that I kept it simple and didn't use photos on every page, and for those I did used my instax camera (LOVE it!!), it was really easy to keep on top of it! Very much looking forward to Journal Your Christmas, I am going to do it in a similar format!
right; time to hit the books!
Em xxx

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

pencils at the ready ....

Evening all

This is just a quick one before i hit the sack ... we have Joshua with us at the moment and he has made the jump to a 'big boys bed' (he has been in one for a while now at his own house, i was just too scared to do it before now!). But he will be up with the lark. Very much like Ethan in that respect ... so I expect to be woken around 6/6.30 am tomorrow!

It is very strange seeing a baby-gate on Ethan's bedroom door again, especially so as he never needed one at this house .. throws up all kind of memories. Isn't it funny how an object can do that?! Also, food can do that too .. I had a PB sandwich on white bread the other day (we never have white in this house!) .. and instantly i jumped back to 1982, watching new 'new' channel on TV , channel 4, which only showed about 5 programmes, but it was still amazing .... sigh!

Anyway, lots going on. We have a fundraiser coming up at school, not only am i organising it (been working on designing the posters, tickets, raffle tickets etc this evening), I am also making lots of crafty bit to sell!

I also have lots of exciting stuff happening with my OU degree, got my tutor this week and a list of all my tutorials. Have my first workshop in Edinburgh this Saturday and am also go and see the Cezanne exhibition as my 3rd assignment is on Cezanne. I am v excited and raring to go. The course hasn't started yet, but I have been making a start on my studying. Doing Cleopatra at the moment .. very good!

Right peeps, I need to get to bed.
Sweet dreams!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Lovely day!

I realised today that I have loads of energy.... This may not seem a big deal, but I have spent a lot of time this year feeling washed out..... The fall out of swine flu. Feeling tired, lethargic, just generally not perky at all. But I realised today that I'm no longer knackered all the time, I feel like I have lots of energy, great, raring to go!!

Phew! Just as well as next few months are going to be full-on!

A great and very wise friend came to see me today; when she left I was feeling very positive and uplifted and excited about the future. I know I am on the right path, life is good!

Lucy came for tea with Ethan after school, we made gingerbread people. My two wee chefs were great, followed instructions and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Ethan and I make gingerbread a lot as it's quick, easy and they are delicious and chewy once baked (in fact I usually make double and keep a batch of dough in the freezer!).

Here is a pic of Lotta fast asleep on some of my Uni reading. She is a sweet wee thing and always comes to chill on the desk when I'm working...

What an incentive!

Right, a glass of wine is calling my name!

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lists, lists and more lists ....

Evening all

Well it has turned very Autumnal the past few days; but I love it. I love this time of year, the colours, the snuggling inside, the hot chocolate, the cardigans, the food......the anticipation of CHRISTMAS!!! I am a total Christmas addict - love it. I am panning/shopping/making/organising for Christmas already!

Time management is going to be a key factor for e now and I seriously need to make up a timetable of how I am going to manage all my time over the next year as all my OU course material arrived yesterday.... a HUGE/HEAVY box crammed with CDs, DVD, and books upon books...

I was a tad stressed out to start with. But I just needed to get my head around it, get organised, get to grips with it all. I looked at my timetable, my assignment list (one every 4 weeks between October and May!!) and I began to feel better once I had printed off a few things, added dates to the calendar and ordered all my reading list from Amazon.

So now I am really excited, a tad nervous, but mostly excited. I have to read Dr Faustus first, and get stuck into a few chapters on Cleopatra, but I will be fine!

I have recently ordered and received lots of yummy stash, but no idea when I am going to find the time, heheehee (hence the need for me to draw up some kind of timetable!). I have also been doing quite a bit of sewing this week and I have the craft Fair coming up and need some stock to take along. so for the next few months Lists are going to be key to my survival....

Right, I need to fold a bit of laundry and then get dinner sorted (beef stew and dumplings tonight, followed by plum crumble mmmm!).

Yaisu peeps

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Thank you, thank you!!!

well... I can finally breath again and also get some rest and not be living with this worry!

For the past 4 weeks, we have been living with the fear that Ethan might of had cancer. He has a hernia, which needs surgery (he has an appointment in October), but while we were in at the Dr he noticed something 'up' with his lymph nodes.. so we had to come back, then were refereed to paediatrician.. last week we had to go to the hospital. Ethan was so brave and as hard as it was, coped very well. He did so well that Daddy and I took him to the shop to buy a new toy. He was delighted. Still got some bruising on one of his arms, but it is all the pain is forgotten.

We finally got the all clear results on Saturday. He has to go for follow-up in December, I got his referral for that this morning... but phew. It has been a really difficult time, and not one i would like to repeat...

Ethan is now very much looking forward to his hernia surgery as he knows he will get a huge toy!! Funny boy!!

So I can now, once again look forward with hope ad optimism!

We have Joshua now for 4 days, he is currently having a nap, so the house is filled with laughter and lots of cuddles. J has recently discovered a love for everything 'Toy Story' much to mine and Ethan's delight as it is one of our fav films and E has ALL the toys :-)

J and I are off to Edinburgh tomorrow, once Ethan is safely at school as I want to do a bit of Christmas shopping (YES I have started planning for Christmas already!), I also have my eye on a Cath Kidston raincoat!

Better go and quickly eat some lunch while J is sleeping!
More soon
Em x

Friday, 3 September 2010


Waiting, waiting, waiting for news!!

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