Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Lovely day!

I realised today that I have loads of energy.... This may not seem a big deal, but I have spent a lot of time this year feeling washed out..... The fall out of swine flu. Feeling tired, lethargic, just generally not perky at all. But I realised today that I'm no longer knackered all the time, I feel like I have lots of energy, great, raring to go!!

Phew! Just as well as next few months are going to be full-on!

A great and very wise friend came to see me today; when she left I was feeling very positive and uplifted and excited about the future. I know I am on the right path, life is good!

Lucy came for tea with Ethan after school, we made gingerbread people. My two wee chefs were great, followed instructions and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Ethan and I make gingerbread a lot as it's quick, easy and they are delicious and chewy once baked (in fact I usually make double and keep a batch of dough in the freezer!).

Here is a pic of Lotta fast asleep on some of my Uni reading. She is a sweet wee thing and always comes to chill on the desk when I'm working...

What an incentive!

Right, a glass of wine is calling my name!

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