Thursday, 30 September 2010

Time ... slow down!

Well, firstly I can not believe how quickly these last 2 years have flown past ... but then again I can't imagine or remember Joshua not being here (well I can remember, but you know what I mean!!)...

Happy 2nd Birthday Joshua!

I never thought I would be able to love anyone as much as Ethan, but my wee cutie pie J is just like my 2nd son. I love him, he is such a huge part of our lives and keeps us smiling! Can't wait to see him and give him big slobbery kisses!

I am procrastinating a bit this morning as I should get my head down and do some studying. My second first year course starts on 29th January 2011, so I will have 4 months of multiple assignments and I am going to try and get as much of this course done in advance, as i can! I need 120 credits per year (each course is 60 credits and you need 360 to get the degree), so rather than wait and it take agessssssss (you all know I am not one for waiting!), I have decided to start the 2nd before this one ends. I am sure it will be fine. I managed my first degree (got a 2:1) no bother, lol ..... with a lot of late nights, hangovers, partying... missed tutorials! So I am sure, now I am older and wiser is will be fine ...?!

I am also totally up-to-date with LSNED... a first for me, the project finishes to day and I am so pleased with the end result (will post pics later). I think the fact that I kept it simple and didn't use photos on every page, and for those I did used my instax camera (LOVE it!!), it was really easy to keep on top of it! Very much looking forward to Journal Your Christmas, I am going to do it in a similar format!
right; time to hit the books!
Em xxx

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