Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Snowy Scotland!

Evening all

Apologies for the slack blogging of late.. Had a busy few weeks recently with life (Ethan, Joshua, my OU degree, the school fundrsiser ) but I am now happy to report that I am enjoying 2 weeks holiday!

BUT I have been far from putting my feet up! We are up with Nanny this week. Love spending time with her. Been doing lots of cooking, baking, tidying, cuddling, shopping, basically having a great time. Eking out the last of the fruit and veg from the garden. Made a lot of compote with the apples and spent today making green tomato chutney and relish. Have even managed to squeeze in some sewing (orders from the school fundrsiser) and studying as my first assignment is due in a few weeks! I got an email while i have been away, from the chair of the local craft guild asking me if I would like to join and also do another craft fair in a few weeks! Obviously I said YES, so been buying bits and conjuring up ideas! Looks like this might be turning into a proper arm to the business!!

I have also pretty much finished my Christmas shopping and made a start on all the prep (started new decorations, my JYC album)... I love Christmas, cant wait!

I am really getting in the Christmas spirit, helped a lot by the snow today!!!

Right, it's getting late and we are off out tomorrow and I need to pack for our journey home on fri!

Em xx

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