Thursday, 28 October 2010

It's all go!!


Well, despite the fact that I could of had a lie-in this morning, my stupid body-clock woke me at 8am!! Ethan is off with Daddy, exploring Scotland in a camper van, until Sunday. I am V jealous.. I love camping, I love road-trips, I love Scotland ... especially Mull.. We went there when E was 10 weeks old. Beautiful place!

Anyway .. i have a few days peace to get some work done... like studying, I really should be studying... I have Joshua tomorrow, so will try and get as much done today as I can.

I also got some good news yesterday, so I blogged before about how I have been asked to join the local craft guild and do some craft fairs ... which is great. But yesterday the woman emailed me as asked if I would like to take part in a WEEK LONG Christmas Craft Fair in December. She said they really loved my work, it was beautiful and of such a good quality (I had to send over samples/portfolio type of thing, as they have a sort of 'kite mark', and they need to make sure whoever becomes a member adheres to the standard etc!) ... I felt to proud/shocked when she said that. I mean, I like my stuff, but you never know what other people think!!

Since this 'arm' of the business, really seems to be taking off I decided to make it more official. I have set up a new website/folksy shop/Facebook group and also spent a few hours yesterday working on new marketing materials with the printer I use for my Classes... so I now have 2 different sets of business cards etc ... could get confusing, lol!

I have been really busy sourcing stock, getting ideas, making samples. It is a really exciting time... to think that this literally came out of nowhere is what makes it more exciting. I am so blessed to have these opportunities, to be able to 'work' the way I do, at my own time, doing something I love and being there for my family. I am very lucky!

I have also done a lot of 'thrifting' recently ... I have a passion for vintage tea sets, dishes, glasses etc and can't resist an old bit of china. I got a lot when I was up visiting Nanny and am pleased to say have even managed to use a few bits since we have been back. I don't know what it is, I just love miss-matched, chintzy, vintage pieces.. my idea of hell is a square/modern/ikea plate ... (shudder!!) ...

We also put up our Halloween decorations yesterday, they grow every year, with a few additions... I especially love decorating my front door. I have a funky wooden Witch that hangs on the front and I cover it with spiders webs and tiny spiders ... spooky! We have quite a hoard of pumpkins, one of which Ethan got very attached to, carrying it around and names it Zombie John .. so sweet!

Anyway, I need to get moving. I still have to finish my first assignment, which is due next Friday.

Enjoy this lovely Thursday
em x

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