Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Long time no blog ....

Hello everyone,

I haven't blogged in yonks, as I haven't really been out of bed in 3 weeks. Have been really ill and even had a stay in hospital. Am on the mend now and will update you all soon. Just wanted to pop on and say HI!!


Thursday, 10 July 2008

Introducing Harry and Bob ....

.... the two newest members of our little pet family!!
Debbie and Geoff took us up to the pet store today to pick out Ethan's new fish. We were only allowed to get 2 today, we have to wait a week to introduce the next two. My how fish care has changed, in my day you just threw them in a bowl and hoped for the best!!

Ethan decided to name them Bob (the black one) and Harry (the gold and white one), and has been very attentive, he is particularly keen to use the little net we bought!

We also went to Old MacDonald's as i have been trying to pack up the kitchen and couldn't be bothered making lunch!! I am a bit anxious about all the mess that the installation is going to create ... but I know that it will only be for 2 days and then I can clean, clean clean!! Little does Joanne know, but i am going to rope her into helping me move my dining table on Saturday night, as I almost gave myself a hernia when i put it up last time!!

Birthdays, nose bleeds and stash shopping!!

Well, my boy is now 4! Where, oh where did the last 4 years go? I can still remember, so vividly the tiny little baby in my arms and now he is so big and tall and full of funny little sayings and observations!
We have had a great few days, his party was on Sunday and we all had a ball. Apart from when Ethan had a massive nosebleed, which took ages to stop. I have never seen so much blood, it was quite scary. Thank goodness Aunty Debbie was there, as she has fist aid training and knew just what to do. He had another one while he was sleeping (in my pristine white bed, lol!). So I took him to the Dr's on the Monday (his actual birthday!!), he has a virus and if he gets any more we have to take him back for tests. So fingers crossed he wont!

On the Monday, Ethan, Marion and I headed over to Edinburgh. We stopped by my mums grave (as the anniversary of her death is the day before Ethan's birthday!) and then we went for a lovely lunch and had a wee beer in the sunshine!
Ethan got quite a bit of birthday money and one of the things he decided he wanted was fish?! So Geoff got the tank for us, as you have to have it all set up and filter running etc before you get the fish. It is really big and can take about 5 fish. We are going up with Geoff to get them today, I am quite excited, although I know (to quote Hils) 'I will be their primary carer', lol!

We had a fun day trip yesterday, we joined Jay and Vicki on an outing to Perth. We went for lunch in a really cool, child centric cafe called the Honey Pot. It has a wee child's play house and lots of little tables and chairs and a fab kids menu.

Then we went mad in the craft shop ... during the trip I saw something that I never thought imaginable .... a very restraint Jay! For anyone who know Jay, you will know that the fact that she didn't buy much stash is totally amazing .. I think the sunshine must of made her dizzy or something!! Vicki on the other hand went wild, lol!!

We sat in the sun at the park while we waited for our train, E had great fun beating Vicki up!!

I also got a phone call this morning to say that I have an installation date for my new kitchen ... it is going in on Tuesday!! How exciting, can't wait, although I know it is going to be totally messy and chaotic for a few days, the end result will be great!

Right, I have better get up off this seat and get moving!!

Hope you are all enjoying the rain, ha ha!!

Em x

Friday, 4 July 2008

The sun has got his hat on ...

Hip hip hooray!!!

Ethan and I are just back from spending the day down at the beach, it was lovely, and you would be mistaken for thinking we were on our holidays it was so nice and sunny. We had a yummy picnic lunch with Michelle and Amy, I got to use my fab picnic hamper/rucksack thingy which is great as it never got an airing last year and i love all the nic nacks in it. Amy wasn't too well, so they left after lunch, but E and I are total beach bums, so we stayed longer, chilling on the blanket in the hot sunshine.

E is worn out now, and is currently fast asleep on the sofa ... bless his little sandy feet! Hopefully the rest o the summer will be great like today and we can have lots of fun outside.

I would kill for a cold Mythos about now ....

em xx

Thursday, 3 July 2008

School's out for summer ....

Well it will be in 1 hour!!

Here is a Lo that I have just finished ... sigh .. wonder if I will get the chance to scrap in the summer holidays... hee hee!!


We are off to the beach after nursery, hope you are all out enjoying the sun?!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

So tired ...

I am feeling much better now (still not eaten any meat though!!), but the bug has left me totally wiped out and I am v tired.

Need to get my head into gear as it is Ethan's party on Sunday and birthday on Monday, so I have one very excited little boy in the house!

As I said a wee while ago, we are all booked up for our team retreat, here is where we are staying... they call it a cottage, but it is more of a mansion. It looks lovely and I can't wait. I obviously need to get a wheeled tote thingy, lol!

I put the finishing touches to another LO yesterday (thanks to some goodies from Papermaze). The photos were taken on my camera, on the train to Edinburgh and E was in great form.
Right, i am off to put my feet up for a bit as I want to do some scrapping tonight, so need to conserve energy!