Friday, 4 July 2008

The sun has got his hat on ...

Hip hip hooray!!!

Ethan and I are just back from spending the day down at the beach, it was lovely, and you would be mistaken for thinking we were on our holidays it was so nice and sunny. We had a yummy picnic lunch with Michelle and Amy, I got to use my fab picnic hamper/rucksack thingy which is great as it never got an airing last year and i love all the nic nacks in it. Amy wasn't too well, so they left after lunch, but E and I are total beach bums, so we stayed longer, chilling on the blanket in the hot sunshine.

E is worn out now, and is currently fast asleep on the sofa ... bless his little sandy feet! Hopefully the rest o the summer will be great like today and we can have lots of fun outside.

I would kill for a cold Mythos about now ....

em xx

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