Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Ohhh I was very tired yesterday, felt very groggy all day. Didn't get much done, but managed to have a yummy roast chicken for dinner, so that helped. I was even too tired to play with all my new lovely papers that arrived (now that is a worrying sign!). I do have to take a pic of a LO I finished over the weekend, will try and do that later.

Hopefully I will fair better today. I have my last class of this term, then we are on a break for Easter. Not that I will get to put my feet up, I am off down to Birmingham next week for next lot of training!

My next SA parcel should come today ..... exciting, exciting!
Ok, I had better go and see what Ethan is up too... he is very quiet (which usually = naughtiness!!)
Em x

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Beba's is the best!

I'm having a lovely scrappy day today, got my cousins dance show this evening, so I'm just hanging out scrapping this afternoon... great fun.

I got my jenni bowlin order from US this morning, can't wait to have a play. Here is a LO I have just finished .. the title says it all. This is by far the best hangover cure I have ever found, believe me, I have spent many years trying ... but a fresh orange and mushroom omelette at Beba's corner in Petra (my favourite place in the WHOLE world), is the BEST!! 105 days and we will be there yayyyyyyyy!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Chores ....

Got a load of chores done today, just got to do a trip to Asda, oh joy! I am going to go up while E is at nursery, so I have peace to browse and shop ..... he wont mind, as long as I bring him the promised toy home (he always gets at toy when we do the monthly shop, part bribery, part reward!!).

Here is also a LO I finished last night, I really loved using these stamps, I always forget about stamping and I have millions of them... really should let them see the light of day more often!! Hope you are all enjoying the lovely day.. it is really sunny here and I feel very bright! So bright in fact, that some yummy papers from Sarah's Cards accidentally fell into my basket!
Em xx

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Happy Days....

Had another lovely few days, mainly just chilling and hanging out with Ethan. I have also been approached by a local nursery to come and teach staff and babies, baby sign, so have had a bit of work to do for that.

Got some more stash coming from over the pond ... well it was mostly Jenni B and it was 30% off, so it was a total bargain, and I obviously HAD to! Plus got some me yummy bits from the shop o Hils yesterday .... excellent prices me dear, hee hee and thanks for the Reeces Nutrageous.... a little bit of chocolate heaven, you're an angel!

I have been tinkering with a couple of LOs today .... doing a bit of scrapping before we get our next SA assignment. For some reason I seem to have been scrapping more pictures of me recently ... v odd .. I'm obviously getting used to my ugly mug, hee hee!

Oh check out Miss Katy's stunning new blog, a superstar in the making me thinks .....

Anyway, better go and snuggle with E, as my brother is coming for him soon. He is spending the night as I have a baby sign session at the library tomorrow morning, so they are watching him for me. Wooo hooo a free night!!!

Em xx

Saturday, 21 March 2009

1950's Housewife ....

That is who I am channelling right now ....!

I have been working on my kitchen this week and it nearly done (having run out of paint I just need to do a wee second coat to the dining room wall at the end of the kitchen), just the lino to go down and tiling to be done .... But I couldn't resist putting up all the accessories etc!

The kitchen is entirely based around my red Le Cruset pans, I have 3 white and one red wall and it looks fab. So the theme is red and white .....think red gingham aprons, a la Doris Day! It has been great, Ethan and I had pancakes for breakfast and I made a load of chutney for the store cupboard!

I have gone a bit mad on the red accessories front, but it has been fun. I still have a couple of bits to get this week .. red wall clock and 2 red lamp shades for the pendant lights. I have just finished my first wall hanging for the kitchen to go on one side of the window.. it says 'HOME', the second is similar, although I think I am going to put either 'LOVE' or 'COOK' .. here are some pics ... I am off to play house!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Don't you just love it ...

..... when you look out of the window in the morning and the most glorious blue sky greets you!? The change in the weather makes me feel so much brighter, happy, positive .. i love the sun, the fun days, the positivity of it all ... makes me feel so much more energised! Ethan and I are heading down to the park/beach after nursery ... we might even walk a little bit further to one of our favourite spots ... the harbour-masters cafe ... yummy cakes! Although I seriously need to go on a diet... all these bacon sarnies of late (a moment on the lips ... a life time on my mummy belly, lol!).

I have quite a lot on my To Do list to complete while he is at nursery so will keep my head down and plough through it, I love crossing things off my list! But I am bound to get distracted, as I have a large photobox order and some yummy stash due to arrive this morning, oh dear!

Enjoy this sunny day!
Em xx

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Painting faries needed .... apply within!

Nothing much going on here .. I have been painting my kitchen, as it was seriously bugging me .. just need to give it a final coat of pain ... although not actually sure when I will find the time now ....

I have baby class today, then we are going up to my brother and sister in laws for dinner (lots of yummy Joshua time!!) ... tomorrow I need to finish my SA Write up and get it in the post... then E and I are off to the library and then the dreaded ASDA. Then thurs I am busy and hopefully we will be having dinner with Hils and Stru, then Friday I am running an event for the YWCA and then Jody and I are going for lunch .......

Maybe I could paint in my sleep, lol!
Em xx

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Lazy Day .....

Well after crying a bucket of tears at the completely harrowing footage on Comic Relief, I woke very tired this morning. I tried to stop watching, kept telling myself

'STOP, no more .. turn off after French and Saunders ... STOP no more ... turn off after Take That ...'

But somehow I made myself turn off, it was so sad to watch, and i just wanted to hug my boy so tight and keep him safe ....

So this morning I had a class, then the lovely Hils and her lovely little munchkin Stru can round .... so much fun, but boy was i knackered when they left!

... So much so that I had to have a nap and have just spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening vegging on the sofa .. had intentions of scrapping ... but instead have watched endless episodes of Girls of the Playboy Mansion and Come Dine With Me ...

Am off to bedybyes now.
Em xx

Thursday, 12 March 2009

A good tidy up ...

... is good for the soul!

I had another great afternoon (and a bacon sarnie and a cup of tea!), spent some time doing housewify (can I call it that if I don't have a husband, lol?!) things, you know, laundry, ironing and baking. Then I had a good old sort through my patterned paper ... discovered some old gems and some total howlers ... think I will pass them down to Ethan! Then I managed to fit in some time to scrap! I have been sorting through all the old family photos recently, I inherited them all when our mum died. So have been looking through to find ones for Geoff, it amazing just how much he looks like Joshua.

I found this one of our mum, Christine, that I really wanted to scrap, she looks so beautiful and I love the fact that it was taken in Greece! Ethan and I are now going to snuggle and watch 101 Dalmatians 2.... before dinner.

Hope you have all had a great day!
Em xx

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A taste of times to come .....

Yep ... things they are a changing .....

Ethan was one of a few children selected by the nursery to attend the science fair that was on today. He was so excited, partly due to the 'trip' but also because he was getting a packed lunch!

So armed with his lunch bag, and empty 1ltr water bottle (this was an the pre-requirement of the days experiment) we skipped up to nursery at 9.30 this morning....

As I headed back down the road, I wondered what I would do with my day... a whole 5 and a half hours to myself ..... was this what it will be like when he starts school ....? So I chilled, chatted on the phone, sorted, scrapped, ate bacon sarnies and drank tea! Bliss. I had a lovely day..... Here are two of the LOs I finished: My boy is now being entranced by Tinkerbell on Cinemagic, so I am getting a quick chance to update my blog before tea.

Hope you have all had a great day and enjoyed the simple things (like bacon sarnies ... mmmmmm reggae reggae sauce mmmmm!)

Em xx

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Get your sunnies on .....

Spring is definitely here .. after a false start last week (we had snow here again on Sunday!) .. the sun was out today, it was glorious. I went out sans jacket and boy did it feel good!

After I collected Ethan from nursery we headed into town to return some seriously overdue books. Since I am now working with the library, (doing a class there once a month as part of Bookstart Bounce and Tickle) I felt a bit guilty, lol! Then we headed down to the bakers for donuts, and then off to the craft shop. I got a couple of bits (am really loving the new Papermania mini foam alphas, got them in all the colours and they are fab!) and also some more Really Useful boxes (you know how I love them so!). This time the 0.9 ones, they are a perfect size for tags and journaling spots, and look lovely on the really useful mountain residing on my desk! Some banking done (grrrr I don't like paying in cheques, but I got a lot of new starts term fees today, so it was a must!) and a quick jaunt round Tesco's and we were back out in the sun .... Ethan was so cute on the way home. he was trying to be helpful by carrying my handbag, he said 'i dont want you to have to go to the Doctors with a broken arm Mummy' ... couldn't you just eat him up?!

It is amazing how good some sunlight can make you feel .... long may it continue ... I am really looking forward to spending many an afternoon down at the park and hunting sea glass on the beach!

Here are a couple of LOs I forgot to upload last night.. I am off to get E in the bath, and then I am in the mood to scrap ... and play with storage, ha ha!!
Ohhhh I am LOVING my new iPhone, so fab/cool/addictive .. don't know how I lived without it, lol ... just as well I am single Hils ha ha!!
Better go, Ethan wants me to make him a smoothie before bathtime..... something healthy for you Katy, lol!

Em xx

Monday, 9 March 2009

I'm back

I have taken so many photos recently, i am just trying to decide what ones to use, so here are a selection of the past week....

Phew ... that will do for a while.
Right I'm off to watch Brothers and Sisters .....

Em xx