Saturday, 14 March 2009

Lazy Day .....

Well after crying a bucket of tears at the completely harrowing footage on Comic Relief, I woke very tired this morning. I tried to stop watching, kept telling myself

'STOP, no more .. turn off after French and Saunders ... STOP no more ... turn off after Take That ...'

But somehow I made myself turn off, it was so sad to watch, and i just wanted to hug my boy so tight and keep him safe ....

So this morning I had a class, then the lovely Hils and her lovely little munchkin Stru can round .... so much fun, but boy was i knackered when they left!

... So much so that I had to have a nap and have just spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening vegging on the sofa .. had intentions of scrapping ... but instead have watched endless episodes of Girls of the Playboy Mansion and Come Dine With Me ...

Am off to bedybyes now.
Em xx

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