Saturday, 28 March 2009

Beba's is the best!

I'm having a lovely scrappy day today, got my cousins dance show this evening, so I'm just hanging out scrapping this afternoon... great fun.

I got my jenni bowlin order from US this morning, can't wait to have a play. Here is a LO I have just finished .. the title says it all. This is by far the best hangover cure I have ever found, believe me, I have spent many years trying ... but a fresh orange and mushroom omelette at Beba's corner in Petra (my favourite place in the WHOLE world), is the BEST!! 105 days and we will be there yayyyyyyyy!


Katy said...

OMG i love this lo its rocking, il be ok though as i dont drink i wont be needing the cure lol.

Not long and you will be lapping up all that sun, hmmmmm send some my way please. x

Love Katy xx

Lynn said...

lovely colours in that lo Emma. Am very tempted to get some stuff from two peas at the moment but my basket always ends up waaaaay fuller than I intend! Hope the new business is going well :)