Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Get your sunnies on .....

Spring is definitely here .. after a false start last week (we had snow here again on Sunday!) .. the sun was out today, it was glorious. I went out sans jacket and boy did it feel good!

After I collected Ethan from nursery we headed into town to return some seriously overdue books. Since I am now working with the library, (doing a class there once a month as part of Bookstart Bounce and Tickle) I felt a bit guilty, lol! Then we headed down to the bakers for donuts, and then off to the craft shop. I got a couple of bits (am really loving the new Papermania mini foam alphas, got them in all the colours and they are fab!) and also some more Really Useful boxes (you know how I love them so!). This time the 0.9 ones, they are a perfect size for tags and journaling spots, and look lovely on the really useful mountain residing on my desk! Some banking done (grrrr I don't like paying in cheques, but I got a lot of new starts term fees today, so it was a must!) and a quick jaunt round Tesco's and we were back out in the sun .... Ethan was so cute on the way home. he was trying to be helpful by carrying my handbag, he said 'i dont want you to have to go to the Doctors with a broken arm Mummy' ... couldn't you just eat him up?!

It is amazing how good some sunlight can make you feel .... long may it continue ... I am really looking forward to spending many an afternoon down at the park and hunting sea glass on the beach!

Here are a couple of LOs I forgot to upload last night.. I am off to get E in the bath, and then I am in the mood to scrap ... and play with storage, ha ha!!
Ohhhh I am LOVING my new iPhone, so fab/cool/addictive .. don't know how I lived without it, lol ... just as well I am single Hils ha ha!!
Better go, Ethan wants me to make him a smoothie before bathtime..... something healthy for you Katy, lol!

Em xx

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Katy said...

Awwww these lo's rock misses loving them big time.

Ethan is a very good boy doing that for me hahahahaha you just gotta love that boy.

Love Katy xxx