Saturday, 21 March 2009

1950's Housewife ....

That is who I am channelling right now ....!

I have been working on my kitchen this week and it nearly done (having run out of paint I just need to do a wee second coat to the dining room wall at the end of the kitchen), just the lino to go down and tiling to be done .... But I couldn't resist putting up all the accessories etc!

The kitchen is entirely based around my red Le Cruset pans, I have 3 white and one red wall and it looks fab. So the theme is red and white .....think red gingham aprons, a la Doris Day! It has been great, Ethan and I had pancakes for breakfast and I made a load of chutney for the store cupboard!

I have gone a bit mad on the red accessories front, but it has been fun. I still have a couple of bits to get this week .. red wall clock and 2 red lamp shades for the pendant lights. I have just finished my first wall hanging for the kitchen to go on one side of the window.. it says 'HOME', the second is similar, although I think I am going to put either 'LOVE' or 'COOK' .. here are some pics ... I am off to play house!

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