Saturday, 31 January 2009

A New Crush ....

I have spent the entire day watching the first series of The Tudors and scrapping ... what more could a girl ask for? I am now totally in love with Henry VIII (well Jonathan Rhys Meyers to be more exact ... yum, yum, yum!).

I finished the (final) touches to my SA challenge 4 submission and then did this one of Ethan when he was 9 months old, crawling around Nanny's garden and eating everything in sight ... mud, grass, flowers .. worms! Please excuse the poor light! I had a look through some of his baby pic's yesterday and have looked out a pile to scrap .. I forgot how absolutely gorgeous my little baby was!!

I am just about to start another LO and do some more chilling, alas that is it with Jonathan for the night .. I will just have to wait for series 2 Dvds to arrive next week!

Have a great evening!
Em xx

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Piglets sure do hurt......

I am just finishing my second LOs for the 4th SA challenge, before I head up to collect Ethan from nursery. Then go to Asda to do the big mammoth monthly shop .. oh joy ... I am still feeling really ill, so the prospect of this isn't filling me with excitement!

Hey hoo, needs must... I will soldier on, lol! I have lots of yummy stash coming..... plus a few bits ordered today .... so that will help the sore throat, hee hee! I've got a Dr's appointment tomorrow, so I will be fine. Something about being ill has really helped my mojo ... or maybe it is just the inspiration from this lovely lady ... have you seen her last 2 LOs.. absolutely STUNNING!

I have been doing quite a lot of LOs about me recently ... v odd, anyway, here is one I finished the other day with photos from my 30th birthday meal ..... many years ago ha ha!! I have also just booked my flights and hotel to go down to Birmingham in April to finish my dance and drama training, for my next class ..... another step towards baby-class-related-world-domination, yay!! Better get my finger out and start marketing them, eh!?
Ohhh top tip, I bought some front opening Really Useful boxes the other day, fanbloodytstic invention ... especially if you have them piled Pisa like, like me!

Anyhoo, need to crack on. Got to tidy up Ethan's farm as I keep standing on the tiny piglets and boy do they smart!
Em xx

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Bad influence

..... yes you know who you are ... and obviously i am taking no responsibility for my actions .. hee hee .. but oops I have just bought 8 kinds of pom-pom trim and another 6 packets of mini doodlebug rub-ons, well I didn't have the brown, so obviously needed more than one pack and the rest just 'fell' in, lol!

I think I had better step away from my laptop .......

Monday, 26 January 2009

Tagged.... and ill

Oft ..... I can hardly swallow.. am in bed feeling sorry for myself! I have a v sore throat and feel achy all over. But thankfully I have some high strength paracetamol left over from when I was ill in the summer, and when they kick in, they work a treat!

I have also been tagged by Beckie, thanks hun, v funny and interesting tag! You have to post the 6th photo, from the 6th folder on your pc/laptop!

Hee hee, this could of been very funny, as the 6th folder is my photos from my holiday in Petra with Jo in September last year. Anyway, the 6th picture is of me and my friend Panayoits (he is a semi famous Greek footballer don't you know, lol!). So here it is....
And in return I am tagging;

Right, I'm off to get another Lemsip ....

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Greek skies ...

Ohhhh how I miss Greece .... I am just back from the cinema, we went to see Mamma Mia (again), fantastic film, although it made a a little 'homesick' ..... can't wait to go back to Petra!

Had a great day, had a class in the morning. Then I met Marion, Jody, Rachel, Logan, Lesley and Sheona for lunch and a spot of retail therapy! I would so kill for a Mythos and some Gigantes right now ..... sigh ..... well, summer will be here soon!
Night night
em xx

Friday, 23 January 2009

Take more pictures ...

Yes, I know that I have been very slack in snapping my scrapping. I keep meaning too, but have been so busy, that the moment passes and then I forget! I can't remember what I have last shown you, and so much of my recent work, I can't show you!! So here are some pics of some of the LOs I have been working on. I did 2 yesterday with some of the yummy new stash, but waiting for silicon glue to dry so will take pics later.
I watched the first 2 episodes of the new series of Lost last night ... great, but oh so confusing... still I got my Sawyer fix. Yay he was shirtless for most of the 2 episodes, lol!

Ive got quite a bit to do today, need to finish stripping the paper in my kitchen so that I can finally get it painted and I also need to work on tomorrow's lesson plans.

Anyway, better go... Ethan is asking me a million questions about the new series of Ben 10 (and it doesn't start until February, lol!)
em xx

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I am a lady 'wot' lunches ....

Yes, I have been swanning around all afternoon, hanging out with Debs, Rach and Jody (and Joshua!!) ... we went for a lovely lunch in the local Italian restaurant, and then a little wander round the shops, great fun! Joshua looks so much like a combination of Ethan and my brother it is spooky! Ive also been doing quite a bit of stash shopping .... am waiting on loads more of the doodlebug boutique trim (i love, love this) in a range of colours and some essential (therefore it doesn't count as shopping, lol) doodlebug mini rub-ons... just in 4 the colours I was missing to complete my 'set', oh and 2 more packs of the white as I go through these like no-ones business lol. Plus some glimmer mist, dotty bazzil (thanks for the tip Katy!), more Thickers, some BG, and also 12 packs of bling (again another hot tip, thanks K!!).....

Had a lovely few days, my classes are going well and I had Stru yesterday, then Hils and the boys and I hung out ..... (boys eh Hils!!?).

Right, I am off to play snakes and ladders with Ethan, then read the issue of Creativity that I picked up today... oh yeah I forgot, I also got a few 'bits' in the craft shop.... but some of it was glue, so again that doesn't count, ha ha

em x

Monday, 19 January 2009


I 'heart' Daniel Craig, swoon!

I went to the cinema on Saturday with my friend Neil to see 'Defiance', really good film, although I was clutching my pashmina for most of the film, worrying about what was going to happen, would they all be saved, would they get away .......? Then (being me) I had to look on Wickipidea when I got home, to see if really happened ...

I always question films, and wonder about the daftest things like 'well how did they get the nails to build the houses' 'exactly how did spiderman make his costume' etc etc ... but this film was really good. So was The Reader, which I saw that last week. I read the book years ago, and the film was just as good, although I do love Kate Winslet, so am a tad biased. I also loved the fact that she wasn't afraid to show off her post-baby breasts, which as any woman who has had children and breastfed, would recognise, were real! Way to go Kate!!!

I got my 4th parcel for The Scrapbook Apprentice ... OMG lovely, beautiful, Wow... very inspiring products to use this time, my mouth is watering!!!! Have been playing around already.

Also, a massive congrats to Joanne, who has just got a job in New Zealand, wow hun, well done!! I am sure she will meet a hunky kiwi and never come back ... oh well holidays to NZ it is, lol!

This fringe is going down a storm, lots of positive responses, especially from Greek footballers and pub landlords, lol!

Anyway, I had better get on.
Enjoy your Monday
em x

Thursday, 15 January 2009

New year, new look!

Well I don't really believe in new years resolutions, as i think you should try to make changes and be positive all year round, but I did promise myself that I would attempt to be 'more glamorous' in 2009 and make more of an effort with my appearance.... I am not just a mummy, i am a woman, and I guess I am still young ... although shhhhh I will be 40 in 6 years!!

Anyway, my hair was bugging me, I love the length but wanted a change .. so have been debating getting a fringe..... and today I was bold and brave and went for it .... I actually really, really, really LOVE it. Lets just hope Ethan does too.

Here is a pic, I took it myself (in the style of my posing/pouting/bebo-esque 16 year old cousin!!)

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


... that is apparently what I am now .... ha ha .. so many fingers in so many pies ... world domination is only a few steps away! Watch out 'Sur Alan'!!

Well today went really, really well. Apart from the extremely cold hall (well it was the first time it had been used this year!), so I might pop up extra early on Saturday morning to turn the hearting on. As I am going to be using the one venue (a huge big massive thank you to some extremely supportive people, thank you, thank you!), I have my own set of keys, which has been a great help as I have been able to nip up and drop stuff in etc (sneaky wee party anyone, lol!!).

I was greeted on my return by the lovely Hils and her adorable little munchkin holding a beautiful bunch of flowers (yes they do smell like spring!!!!). We had lots of fun and games, boys, boys, boys, and that sweet little chap has carved a special place in my heart (well I am 'Mummy Emma', lol!).

I had to explain the term 'babysitting' to Ethan this evening, as I said that I have Joshua on Saturday and that we will have Stru on Tuesday, 'but how can it be babysitting, when Stru isn't a baby mummy?' Too smart for his own good that one!!

Anyway, I am off to bed .... going to chill tomorrow, need to do some baking, maybe paint the kitchen and try to do some scrapping ... errrr so not chilling at all, ha ha!!
Night y'all!

Monday, 5 January 2009

Wish me luck!!

Tomorrow my life changes ... I become self employed!!!

Yes after many months of planning and training, and wondering if i was doing the right thing, D day has arrived ... I have my first baby sign language class! I will be running classes on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings. (I will finish my yoga training in March, and then I am going to add dance and drama classes, which I am really looking forward to as these are for children up to 6 years, so something I can involve Ethan in!).

There has been loads of interest locally, and I haven't even really had a chance to do much marketing as so much else going on, but have lots planned though and it will all kick off this week. The local library and my YWCA have been a great help and I am running a number of local events ... so fingers crossed!

I am really excited, and a little nervous, but I know it will be OK (plus I have my lovely little Joshua coming along to the classes, so he will be my class mascot!). I am just glad that it is finally starting, I have wanted to do something like this, for myself, for Ethan, for sooo long!

Also I am in to the 2nd round of The Scrapbook Apprentice, there are 11 of us left, so pop on over and vote. The standard of work is amazing, some hugely talented ladies!

Right, I am just going to have a final read through my lesson plan, and get all the equipment together (lots of finger puppets, floaty scarves and musical instruments, great stuff!) and then I am going to watch the new episodes of Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters!!

Here is to 2009, shaping up to be a great year already!! (hee hee katy, I will keep you posted on any hot gossip, nudge, nudge!!).
Em xx