Monday, 19 January 2009


I 'heart' Daniel Craig, swoon!

I went to the cinema on Saturday with my friend Neil to see 'Defiance', really good film, although I was clutching my pashmina for most of the film, worrying about what was going to happen, would they all be saved, would they get away .......? Then (being me) I had to look on Wickipidea when I got home, to see if really happened ...

I always question films, and wonder about the daftest things like 'well how did they get the nails to build the houses' 'exactly how did spiderman make his costume' etc etc ... but this film was really good. So was The Reader, which I saw that last week. I read the book years ago, and the film was just as good, although I do love Kate Winslet, so am a tad biased. I also loved the fact that she wasn't afraid to show off her post-baby breasts, which as any woman who has had children and breastfed, would recognise, were real! Way to go Kate!!!

I got my 4th parcel for The Scrapbook Apprentice ... OMG lovely, beautiful, Wow... very inspiring products to use this time, my mouth is watering!!!! Have been playing around already.

Also, a massive congrats to Joanne, who has just got a job in New Zealand, wow hun, well done!! I am sure she will meet a hunky kiwi and never come back ... oh well holidays to NZ it is, lol!

This fringe is going down a storm, lots of positive responses, especially from Greek footballers and pub landlords, lol!

Anyway, I had better get on.
Enjoy your Monday
em x

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Katy said...

hahahahahahaha i do things like that with films, wonder how its all done.

Footballers are good, but pub landlords are even better i reckon teehee, keep me up to date on the gossip :P

Thanks for everything hun

Katy xxx