Thursday, 29 January 2009

Piglets sure do hurt......

I am just finishing my second LOs for the 4th SA challenge, before I head up to collect Ethan from nursery. Then go to Asda to do the big mammoth monthly shop .. oh joy ... I am still feeling really ill, so the prospect of this isn't filling me with excitement!

Hey hoo, needs must... I will soldier on, lol! I have lots of yummy stash coming..... plus a few bits ordered today .... so that will help the sore throat, hee hee! I've got a Dr's appointment tomorrow, so I will be fine. Something about being ill has really helped my mojo ... or maybe it is just the inspiration from this lovely lady ... have you seen her last 2 LOs.. absolutely STUNNING!

I have been doing quite a lot of LOs about me recently ... v odd, anyway, here is one I finished the other day with photos from my 30th birthday meal ..... many years ago ha ha!! I have also just booked my flights and hotel to go down to Birmingham in April to finish my dance and drama training, for my next class ..... another step towards baby-class-related-world-domination, yay!! Better get my finger out and start marketing them, eh!?
Ohhh top tip, I bought some front opening Really Useful boxes the other day, fanbloodytstic invention ... especially if you have them piled Pisa like, like me!

Anyhoo, need to crack on. Got to tidy up Ethan's farm as I keep standing on the tiny piglets and boy do they smart!
Em xx


PinkLadyMel said...

Aww Piglets!!!

Thanks for tagging me :) I LOVE your new layout it is SO pretty!! hope you are feeling much better now.. it sucks being ill :(

Mel x

Kate said...

Awww i love your lo its stunning to, thanks for the link to my blog im glad you like the lo's im loving them to :D il d my tag now :D

Love ya katy xx