Monday, 26 January 2009

Tagged.... and ill

Oft ..... I can hardly swallow.. am in bed feeling sorry for myself! I have a v sore throat and feel achy all over. But thankfully I have some high strength paracetamol left over from when I was ill in the summer, and when they kick in, they work a treat!

I have also been tagged by Beckie, thanks hun, v funny and interesting tag! You have to post the 6th photo, from the 6th folder on your pc/laptop!

Hee hee, this could of been very funny, as the 6th folder is my photos from my holiday in Petra with Jo in September last year. Anyway, the 6th picture is of me and my friend Panayoits (he is a semi famous Greek footballer don't you know, lol!). So here it is....
And in return I am tagging;

Right, I'm off to get another Lemsip ....


Beckie Dreyer said...

Oooo nice picture! ;) I meant to come and let you know that I'd tagged you but the girlies suddenly needed everything!
Hope you're feeling better soon!

Lynn said...

glad I found your blog Emma! Looks like we have some things in common :) I'll be 40 in six years too:)