Tuesday, 6 January 2009


... that is apparently what I am now .... ha ha .. so many fingers in so many pies ... world domination is only a few steps away! Watch out 'Sur Alan'!!

Well today went really, really well. Apart from the extremely cold hall (well it was the first time it had been used this year!), so I might pop up extra early on Saturday morning to turn the hearting on. As I am going to be using the one venue (a huge big massive thank you to some extremely supportive people, thank you, thank you!), I have my own set of keys, which has been a great help as I have been able to nip up and drop stuff in etc (sneaky wee party anyone, lol!!).

I was greeted on my return by the lovely Hils and her adorable little munchkin holding a beautiful bunch of flowers (yes they do smell like spring!!!!). We had lots of fun and games, boys, boys, boys, and that sweet little chap has carved a special place in my heart (well I am 'Mummy Emma', lol!).

I had to explain the term 'babysitting' to Ethan this evening, as I said that I have Joshua on Saturday and that we will have Stru on Tuesday, 'but how can it be babysitting, when Stru isn't a baby mummy?' Too smart for his own good that one!!

Anyway, I am off to bed .... going to chill tomorrow, need to do some baking, maybe paint the kitchen and try to do some scrapping ... errrr so not chilling at all, ha ha!!
Night y'all!

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