Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I am a lady 'wot' lunches ....

Yes, I have been swanning around all afternoon, hanging out with Debs, Rach and Jody (and Joshua!!) ... we went for a lovely lunch in the local Italian restaurant, and then a little wander round the shops, great fun! Joshua looks so much like a combination of Ethan and my brother it is spooky! Ive also been doing quite a bit of stash shopping .... am waiting on loads more of the doodlebug boutique trim (i love, love this) in a range of colours and some essential (therefore it doesn't count as shopping, lol) doodlebug mini rub-ons... just in 4 the colours I was missing to complete my 'set', oh and 2 more packs of the white as I go through these like no-ones business lol. Plus some glimmer mist, dotty bazzil (thanks for the tip Katy!), more Thickers, some BG, and also 12 packs of bling (again another hot tip, thanks K!!).....

Had a lovely few days, my classes are going well and I had Stru yesterday, then Hils and the boys and I hung out ..... (boys eh Hils!!?).

Right, I am off to play snakes and ladders with Ethan, then read the issue of Creativity that I picked up today... oh yeah I forgot, I also got a few 'bits' in the craft shop.... but some of it was glue, so again that doesn't count, ha ha

em x

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Katy said...

Awwww look at baby J he is so so sweet, looking like you all had a lovely lunch :D

Stash hahahahahah you bad woman you, i knew you could not resist :P Them doodlebug mini rub-ons are wicked always a must.

Im doing an order tonight but cant decide what i want, if its dans money then i shall spend it heheh.

Much love Katy xxxx