Monday, 5 January 2009

Wish me luck!!

Tomorrow my life changes ... I become self employed!!!

Yes after many months of planning and training, and wondering if i was doing the right thing, D day has arrived ... I have my first baby sign language class! I will be running classes on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings. (I will finish my yoga training in March, and then I am going to add dance and drama classes, which I am really looking forward to as these are for children up to 6 years, so something I can involve Ethan in!).

There has been loads of interest locally, and I haven't even really had a chance to do much marketing as so much else going on, but have lots planned though and it will all kick off this week. The local library and my YWCA have been a great help and I am running a number of local events ... so fingers crossed!

I am really excited, and a little nervous, but I know it will be OK (plus I have my lovely little Joshua coming along to the classes, so he will be my class mascot!). I am just glad that it is finally starting, I have wanted to do something like this, for myself, for Ethan, for sooo long!

Also I am in to the 2nd round of The Scrapbook Apprentice, there are 11 of us left, so pop on over and vote. The standard of work is amazing, some hugely talented ladies!

Right, I am just going to have a final read through my lesson plan, and get all the equipment together (lots of finger puppets, floaty scarves and musical instruments, great stuff!) and then I am going to watch the new episodes of Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters!!

Here is to 2009, shaping up to be a great year already!! (hee hee katy, I will keep you posted on any hot gossip, nudge, nudge!!).
Em xx

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Katy said...

yay well done you, can't wait to hear how it goes, good luck hun i no you will do well.

Oh and make sure you keep me informed on the gossip hehehehe its dead exciting. xxxx