Sunday, 27 March 2011

Lovely sunny Sunday

It is beautiful here today... Spring is definitely here, there is blossom on the trees, the daffies are out (i have an abundance of vases full all around the house... I love daffies as they remind me of my Nanny!).... I have done 3 loads of washing, made dinner, tidied the house and it is now time to chill, get some scrapping done and build excitement levels in advance of the 5pm Studio Calico reveal!!! I was at a craft fair on Friday and Saturday, it went really, really well. Lots of orders, lots of sales and met lots of lovely people... The cot-bed memory quilts were a bit hit, got a few orders for them and also one woman went nuts for the Amy Butler quilt, so need to get ordering more fabric. Also have lots of custom orders, 2 canvases, 3 sets of roman blinds, 10 aprons and 4 bib/harnesses for a wee girl in a wheel-chair, and some personalised adult t-shirts .... it isn't just the kids who like their names on their t-shirts, lol! So today I am chilling, and also tomorrow as we get Joshua tomorrow after school as my bro and sis in law are off to Vegas (baby!) ... so we have Joshy until Thursday (or Friday, I forget)... then the schools break off on Friday for the Easter holidays! We are off up to my Nanny's for a much needed weeks holiday on 4th .... ahhhhhhhhhh bliss!

Right, I need to shift it and get ma scrap on :-)) Hope you are all enjoying your sunny sunday?

em xx

Friday, 18 March 2011

Do something funny .... for money!

Happy Red Nose Day everyone!!

I love Comic the excitement, the spirit of the event, the amazing organisation that goes into it and also all the good it does. I spent 7 years working in PR and Events for National charities, loved my job immensely and i would go and work for CR in a shot! Ethan's school (and us on the parent council) have had a week of activities to raise money for the charity... the culmination being today... Ethan very excitedly hurried off to school with his red nose, red nose pirate t-shirt, dressed as a pirate; complete with beard and spiky red hair! We are really looking forward to this evening, snuggling in the sofa with our favourite munchies to watch some amazing people do some amazing things for an amazingly worthwhile cause!

If you haven't already done so; please text HELP to 70005!

Enjoy your day!
em x

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

exciting times ....

well it has been the culmination of lots of heard work from me and my lovely designer Cathy at Slim Creative. (If you are ever needing any design/web, or just general design work done then she is your woman... lovely, lovely talented woman, extremely helpful and didn't mind all my daft questions/requests!) ..... anyway ... drum roll please ....... I am so proud to announce the launch of the new BuzyMums website ...... love it! I have loads more stock going up over the next few weeks and I am always doing private commissions... so if you have something in mind give me a shout!!

Next stage of my master plan is the new BuzyKids website .... this is too in Cathy's hands.... keep watching!

Right, better dash. Have to get back up to the hall for Baby Sign :-)

em xx

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Bright eyes and bushy tailed ....

Happy Saturday blog-peeps!

Ethan away with Daddy last night; which left just me and my littlest monkey... who delightfully woke me at 5.15 this morn!! Luckily I was able to get him to sort of snooze until 8. But with him talking to me, trying to open my eyelids and the cats having a disco ... i didn't get that much extra sleep ... but as the saying goes, we are both 'bright eyed and bushy tailed' this morning!

Debbie is on the shuttle back from London, having landed from JFK this morn.. so i will be monkey-less ... ahhh and relax! Well until Sunday, when E comes home.. then we get J back on Thursday... but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Didn't get as much done this week ... the downside of having a toddler since Wednesday.. but in the sacred nap time I have been able to get some work done on the website and do a few bits stock wise ... all coming together nicely!

Another exciting point this week as that my Studio Calico kit and all the extras were shipped ... so I will be stalking the postie next week! I also signed up for my 3rd OU course, which starts in October... still undecided on final degree... but it is getting close to crunch time. Current favourite is English Lit, perhaps with creative writing specialism or Humanities with philosophy. The Creative Writing course should help me finally decide. Will start the philosophy unit in Feb 2011...yikes!

Right; J is having problems with my iphone .. so i am needed!

Enjoy the weekend
ems xx