Friday, 18 March 2011

Do something funny .... for money!

Happy Red Nose Day everyone!!

I love Comic the excitement, the spirit of the event, the amazing organisation that goes into it and also all the good it does. I spent 7 years working in PR and Events for National charities, loved my job immensely and i would go and work for CR in a shot! Ethan's school (and us on the parent council) have had a week of activities to raise money for the charity... the culmination being today... Ethan very excitedly hurried off to school with his red nose, red nose pirate t-shirt, dressed as a pirate; complete with beard and spiky red hair! We are really looking forward to this evening, snuggling in the sofa with our favourite munchies to watch some amazing people do some amazing things for an amazingly worthwhile cause!

If you haven't already done so; please text HELP to 70005!

Enjoy your day!
em x

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