Saturday, 30 July 2011

Lazy summer days

Oh I do so love the sunshine!
Just chilling out, catching some rays. Everything seems better in the sunshine! We have been really lucky with the weather up here recently (watch this, I've probably jinxed it and it will rain tomorrow! Lol!). The sun is just so positive, it makes me happy, invigorated, feeling free....I know I sound daft.

But I am all about being outside, I love exploring. Trees, walking in the woods, strolling along the beach, chilling in the garden, playing in the park. We do that in all weather, literally, sunshine to snow. But I prefer sunshine the best!

But I know that these lazy summer days are drawing to a close, which makes me sad. I love the relaxed pace, I love just hanging out with my boy. I so don't want him to go back to school. I want to keep him with me. That's one more (school) year gone... But at least it's not long until the October holidays, haha!

So the past few weeks have all been about summer and home. As well as getting out and about enjoying the holidays, we have been chilling at home, which has meant lots of baking! Mmmm, in the run up to the holiday, my baking sessions had lessened (bikini!!!) but now that has passed, I am free to bake (and eat!!). Our next trip is all booked, 7th October 2012 (am in full planning mode, and a tad addicted to DIBB!), but I've got plenty of time to indulge!! It is also about this time of year that I start to think about all the home projects that need doing.....I like to get the house all revamped and beautiful for am busy with curtains at the moment!

I am also a bit addicted to re-watching my Mad Men box-set, so I am currently wearing one of my beautiful vintage 1950s housecoats that I picked up at a fab little shop. It's that step between pjs and a dress, you feel relaxed, but still glam! Think I might just pop on my pearls for that added Betty Draper vibe!

Right my loves, I had better get on.

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Friday, 8 July 2011

remember to relax!

I think that is defo something I need to listen to, to remember and try and adhere to .... I am not the type pf woman who can just sit and do nothing, aimlessly watching hours of tv (I do watch TV, but usually whilst doing something else at the same time. I am an excellent multi-tasker!) .. there are always jobs to be done, things I feel guilty for ignoring (like washing up, ironing, cleaning my windows etc ...) so when I do sit down to relax, it tends to last about 10 minutes, then I think 'I will just quickly do X or Y' ... I am defo NOT a couch it way too short! But since we have been back from Florida, I literally haven't stopped. Now the holiday in itself (which was AMAZING!), wasn't exactly relaxing ... Disney is full on. Long, HOT days, lots of walking... the HEAT ... the walking etc etc ... but all worth it. But I don't feel like I have actually caught up with myself. Caught up on the 9 hour night flight, the jet lag ...

When we got home it was straight back into teaching for me and the last few days of school for Ethan. Then my nanny came to stay for 3 days, then nanny and Ethan went and then Joshua came for 4 days, then I was teaching, then it was Ethan's 7th Birthday (more on that later!) .... and then we are off to Nanny's for 10 days tomorrow! So today we are just chilling...think we will spend the entire day in our PJs. I still have laundry, ironing and housework to do ... but I will (try) and do it at a more relaxed pace. Just to let my body catch up!

I am also looking forward to some crafting projects coming up. I got lots of lovely fabric in Florida, and then Dunelm have a sale on, so got some gorg fabric, including quite a lot of soft furnishing fabric (need to make many new pairs of curtains!). I am making a baby quilt for a friends wee baby girl, I rarely do girly things, so this is very exciting. I am also redecorating Ethan's bedroom. So want to make him some new curtains and finish the quilt for Joshua's bed. As they were gearing up for 4th July when we were there, lots of the shops were selling US stuff. I found some wonderful little craft shops in Celebration (which is a beautiful little 'village' near Kissimmee) and got some mini US flags and some larger ones which I want to make into patchwork cushions and bunting for his new room. We are also getting a new sofa, a lovely L shaped one, so I am contemplating redecorating the living room while I am at it. I love the current colour, so maybe just a new coat to 'freshen' it!!

I am so in love with my wee house, me baby (big 7 year old) boy, my little life.. I just enjoy being here, for me it is all about the simple things... the vases of yellow and dark pink roses in all the rooms (gift from nanny), the smell of my yummy yankee candles burning (I bought loads in Florida, and then Debbie gave me two 22oz ones on return of her latest trip, to Orlando, lol!) ... a pile of fabric waiting to be cut up (bliss), the bowl of cherries I am currently munching or the smile from by brown eyes, gappy toothed boy ..... of course there are lots of things I would like, like winning the lottery ... haha! But I know that I am happy, Ethan is happy and loved and secure, my home is filled with love. And that is more important than anything else.

I think spending so much fantastic time with just Ethan on holiday made me fall in love with him all over again (not that i stopped loving him, if you get me!?), he is my greatest accomplishment... I can hardly believe he is 7. But I look at him, all brown and sun kissed like Mowgli from the jungle book, tall and skinny and stretching out with knobbly knees and missing teeth.... and I feel blessed! But I am conscious time stretching out in front of me.. he will be 8 and in P4 when we go to Florida next year ... time is passing so quickly and I don't want to to go by so fast ... just like the past 7 years have ... yikes, soon he will be 14!

So, I am going to try and remember to relax .....

have a great Friday everyone!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Caught the Disney bug ...

well .. we are home, from an utterly amazing holiday.Everything was fab, we loved it, amazing. I have so much to share and so many photots... but this will have to be a quick post as I have Joshua (Debbie is back off to Orlando, sob, sob!!). School finished up here yesterday, so Ethan is off down to London with his dad for the week. I will next see him on Thurday, when it will be his 7th Birthday!!!!

The sun is shining today, so we are off to the park with friends later. I am doing a quick bit of final research as Ethan and I are returning to Florida next year, and I have found a great deal on a Disney hotel ... whoop!

Anyhoo, I will be back soon with photos and a better update!

Em xx