Saturday, 2 July 2011

Caught the Disney bug ...

well .. we are home, from an utterly amazing holiday.Everything was fab, we loved it, amazing. I have so much to share and so many photots... but this will have to be a quick post as I have Joshua (Debbie is back off to Orlando, sob, sob!!). School finished up here yesterday, so Ethan is off down to London with his dad for the week. I will next see him on Thurday, when it will be his 7th Birthday!!!!

The sun is shining today, so we are off to the park with friends later. I am doing a quick bit of final research as Ethan and I are returning to Florida next year, and I have found a great deal on a Disney hotel ... whoop!

Anyhoo, I will be back soon with photos and a better update!

Em xx

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Michelle said...

So pleased u had a gr8 time! I cant wait to see more pics :) Im Disney obsessed too!