Sunday, 5 June 2011

Excited much???!!!

I can't quite believe it is here ... that in a weeks time we will actually be flying to Florida.... yay!!! I have been so busy recently, and doing all the pre-holiday planning; what clothes to take etc.. that I had stopped the actual 'on trip' planning... There is a fab website that I am using ( with loads of helpful tips and advice... from what to take, tips for toddlers, surviving the park and ALL the menus and prices of park dining (which is V helpful, and also not as horrifically expensive as i had previously thought!). I also have my guide book and the fab app for my iPhone. So it is time to get down and make some touring plans!!With 11 of us going, and not everyone taking a 14 day pass to all the Disney parks, there will be times when it is just E and I going to one of the parks (which is fine by me, as I do love time just me and my #1 boy!!). Chances are we will all spend lots of time together, and Debbie is keen to do some character dining with Joshua... But as a born organiser, who likes to be well prepared (in advance) I have booked some character dining for E and I; just in case!! Breakfast at WDW (Walt Disney World) where we will meet Pooh, piglet, tigger etc and lunch at Epcot where we will meet Mary P, Ariel (squeal), Belle (double squeal), Snow White, Cinderella etc ..... this has just made it very real and i am a tad excited!

I have so much still to do this week, but after last week and the craft fair yesterday I am doing nothing but chill today. Here are a few photos from last week;

J just after he got his stitches out and didn't flinch or cry.. brave boy!Some photos from (a very hot) Sports day!The boys snuggling post bath, pre bed watching UP!Joshua and I chilling, watching UP (again) whilst we waited from Mumma to get back from Japan and me teaching J to say 'cheesy balls' ... probably the funniest thing I have ever heard, lol!My stall at the craft fair yesterdayLast nights (much deserved) pizza and wine!!

I love the days I get to chill, today I slept until 11 and am still sitting in bed with my PJs, making plans! I plan to do a little scrapping later, catch up on Sky+ and more relaxing! There is no school Monday and Tuesday of this week, so E is having a long weekend with Daddy. I have classes on Tues and Wed and then it is final holiday prep for Thurs and Fri ... getting $, spray tans (so sad, and so Essex... and I know I go brown in 2 days... but I have a friend who runs a beauty business so she is coming to the house to spray tan me, deb, Geoff and Debbie's mum, hahahah so sad, lol!), relaxing massage, nails, waxing... ahh i am so good to me :-)

Right; I am going to make a coffee, munch on some fresh pineapple and make some more lists!


Em xx

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Michelle said...

Have u been on the DIBB? That's gr8 2! I'd highly recommend Disney Dining its amazing! I'll never forget that!