Friday, 11 December 2009

We are in our way!

Ethan and I are going up to see Nanny this weekend (we are currently on the train!), back Monday, so lots of cuddles and laughter!

I'm now all set for Christmas, all presents are bought and wrapped (except the ones I'm waiting on from amazon!) and have caught up on all my cooking/store cupboard prep/creativity!

Ethan finishes school Friday lunchtime, so in annual tradition we are off to Edinburgh to see Father Christmas in Jenners and visit the Winter Wonderland (mmmm mulled wine, although my new discovery of Winter Pims has knocked mulled vino off the top spot!). This year Debbie and Joshua are coming with us, so lots of new family traditions starting!
Right, the trolly is coming past and I'm feeling peckish!
Em xx
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Friday, 4 December 2009

Three steps back!

So I obviously did far too much yesterday. Today I have been physically exhausted and felt really, really groggy. Slept for ages on the sofa, though managed to strike 2 things off my list!

Did my big Christmas online shop and after school ethan and I made gingerbread men to hang on the tree. The house still smells lovely and festive, I love the smell of gingerbread and ethan loves eating them off the tree! (i made a double batch of dough to keep half in freezer). He even managed to forgive me when I shut his fingers in the kitchen drawer!

I'm off to bed now as want to get up early with lots of energy tomorrow, lots of projects left to tackle!!

Night night
Em xx

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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Getting things done!

So December rolled in, I still can't believe how quickly this year has progressed, and I decided I was fed up with being housebound, sleeping all day, feeling ill! Christmas is my favourite holiday (apart from our time in Petra!), so I have many, many plans, exciting things lined up, to celebrate the holiday. Some small (baking, collecting holly from the woods, hot chocolate and marshmallows!) and some more elaborate (annual visit to the german Market for mulled wine, meeting father Christmas, ice skating, a trip to the pantomime!), but all of them seemed almost impossible, as I lay there, feeling wretched! But my lovely and ever supportive friend Katy encouraged me to get up, baby steps, one day at a time..... And do you know what?? It worked, she was right!

Yesterday I made all my Christmas cards (granted not as elaborate as last year as I didn't have weeks to sit up making them!) and last night, while watching Delia I wrote and addressed them all.

Today I started on goodies for my Christmas store cupboard, made leek and potato soup and an apple pie!

Now, I am still tired out by the littlest thing, still have a sore head. BUT I'm getting there and I'm not letting Swine Flu spoil Christmas!!!

Em x

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Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Ethan practically jumped out of bed this morning, a little later than normal which I was very thankful for, as today is the start of chocolate for breakfast!!

Well, not breakfast, but the joy of an advent calender! Ethan has two this year as not only did I make him one, but his Aunty Marion (or yaya when we are in Greece, lol!) bought him a high school musical one! Last year, the fab and extreemly talented Beckie made an advent calendar out of match boxes, stunning! So I recreated it for ethan, thankfully I managed to get this done before swine flu struck. Ethan loves it, he is always so delighted when I make him things, especially mini books!

So, December is here and today is my first day out of bed and out of pj's (thank you Katy for the motivation!). Bring it on....although I may need a nap later, lol!

Em xx

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Sunday, 29 November 2009

It's coming .......!!!

I can feel the excitement.... as I lie here in my sick bed, my mind is whirring with all the things I still have to do, projects to complete, goodies to bake/make, the fun we are going to have ...

Christmas is coming everyone!

Fortunately I am beginning to feel a little better, but it is highly deceptive. You think, 'oh I feel better today, lets get up' (not dressed, for I am still in PJs, but get up!). However even trying to do the simplest thing is extremely tiring. I looked at the floor yesterday and almost passed out (note: it wasn't bad, I am a clean freak, so a couple of days without the hoovering of 2 cats and a small boys mess makes me twitchy!). So I started to hoover, but it got too much and I felt donr in, but I couldn't leave it half done, that would bug me just as much. I had to finish it.... and I did, but then I had to sleep for 2 hours!!!

Lying in my bed all day, sleeping, thinking, I have had the chance to take a step back, reflect, analyse and ponder. I feel like I have fallen back in love with Ethan, or rediscovered him or something (not that for a moment I had stopped loving him or forgotten him). He has been so special, so sweet, so loving, so funny and amazing these past few weeks, while I have been ill. He is a joy, a treasure and I am in awe of him, how he is growing, changing, learning. He is so much fun, 5 is certainly a magical age. He is loving school, fascinated with learning, keen to learn. In fact he often asks at 6.00am (yes 6.00am!!!) if he can do his homework, his numbers or his letters!!! There has been less time spent in front of the TV, more time being creative, playing with play dough or moon sand, in imaginative play, reading, doing homework ... there has been lots of laughter and harmony in the house, and it really makes me smile.

I feel it is my job to support his attitude to school, make it a great positive expereince for him, take part, get involved. I am (well pre swine flu!) thoroughly enjoying being involved with the school through the PTA, it is great and I get to know what is going on, form a better relationship with the teachers, head, and other parents. Lots of things to organise, which suits me, lots of baking, crafting, chatting and generally getting stuck in! Ethan is enjoying the fact that I am so involved, but ask me again when he is 10, and due to my involvement, know exactly what he has been up to at school ... then it might be a different story!

But back to Christmas .... he has a school nativity (he is the narrator) so lines to learn, costume to make and songs to sing. As well as the traditional songs, they are also singing 'Step into Christmas' by Elton John, so on Friday I downloaded a couple of Christmas CDs for him (and me, lol!) so he could practice, dance and be merry!

Ethan is really excited about Christmas this year, I think at 5, he is at the perfect age, it is magical, he is understanding the message, the traditions... so I am embracing that (any excuse) and Christmas is going to be BIG this year...

Roll on Thursday when I can leave the house ..... I have a long list of things to do.. I just hope my body can take the frenzy of activity... here is a small selection of the things I still have to do;

get the tree
make Christmas cards

finish felt garland
make mincemeat/stuffing/baking
finish sewing table runners
make skirt for my desk
finish gift buying
collect holly from the woods
make more chutney
December daily
finish painting bathroom

there is so much more ... but I am exhausted now ... time for a nap!

em xx

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Oink oink!

Well........I have swine flu! Been feeling really, really ill since last thurs, went to doctor and with tests, he confirmed it. Started taking tamiflu last night, so fingers crossed. I've been sleeping huge, huge amounts and not really eaten in a week, so that along with vomiting I am sure to be a size 0 by end of house arrest next Thursday! Friends, my neighbour and family all really being amazing, pitching in to help me get through it and cope with Ethan. A special thanks to katy for keeping me sane!!! Love you, thanks for making me laugh!

Right, that has used up last of my energy. So off for a nap!
Take care
Em xxx

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Friday, 20 November 2009

Bed time....

Uuugggghhhhh.....started to feel yucky and sick about 6 o'clock last night, that hollow strange feeling inside. Came straight back home to bed after dropping Ethan at school, lots of sleep, tried some soup and a wee spot of Internet retail therapy! The postie also brought me two stash parcels!!

I need to get up now and head out into the rain to collect my boy, am hoping he is up for snuggling and watching a DVD!

Em xx

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Friday, 6 November 2009

Technology advances

A perfect way to help me update my blog since I have very little free time at the moment, a blogger app for my iPhone, what with lots of new classes, having Joshua 3 days/nights a week and work for the PTA, I seem to be rushed off my feet!

Hopefully back soon, now I have this excellent bit of new technology!

Em x

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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Goossip addict

Well, thanks to my lovely sister in law I now have another tv series to add to my (very heavy) schedule ... I am LOVING Gossip Girl ... now caught up and onto series 3 ....!

The great thing is that I have been scrapping whilst I watch.. so two more LOs to share!

Enjoy, I am off to do school ironing and make Chilli-mac before Ethan gets back tonight.

Em x

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Farmers Market

Morning all,

A sunny autumnal one here ... lovely, all the trees look so pretty, but it is showing up how dirty my windows are .. had better get out there with my step-ladder and squeegee!

I had a class this morning, and then popped down the the farmers market. I love the market ... lots of lovely local produce, yummy coffee and the BEST sausages I have ever eaten ... mmmmmm mouth watering. I got some fab organic fruit and veg from the farm who deliver my organic veg box, so I am going to make some more chutney this weekend. As fast as I make it, friends and family steal it .. so need to work overtime to stock up my store cupboards!

I am extremely happy that the summer hiatus is over and all my tv shows have started back up ... plus some new ones. I watched Eastwick and Cougar Town this week, excellent and have already been added to my extensive schedule .. but most importantly I watched the double season premier of Greys .... v sad... such an excellent show. I loved how they hid Mer's baby bump (for she had a baby in real life last week)... so lots of sitting down, holding thing's and standing behind people!

Now I am going to have a yummy sausage sandwich, with fresh bread and sausages from the market, watch this weeks Fringe and do some scrapping!

I will leave you with the LO i did yesterday. Have a great weekend!
Em x

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

World domination ... baby style!

Morning all,

It is a lovely day here .. I have been up since 6.30am, thanks to two cheeky little monkeys ... but it means that I have done all the housework and now sit drinking coffee and twiddling my thumbs while I wait for Joshua to wake up from his nap so that I can pop out to get some groceries.

We have been having J to stay one night a week and I have him all the next day to help out Deb as she gets ready for going back to work ... I love it. I am so proud/lucky/honoured to have this time with him and so grateful that they want/need my help. Family is so very important to me an it means so much that Ethan and I can be a huge part in Joshua's life!!

Got lots going on at the moment .. the business is going really well and I have had so many enquiries about additional classes and with all the babies growing up I wanted to add something to keep growing with them. So I finally set a date, faced the fear and decided to launch my two new classes. Baby Move and Groove (basically a yoga/music/movement class) and a toddler/pre-school Move and Groove class (music/movement/dance/drama)... I am starting these after the October holidays, so very excited, very busy .. and a tiny bit scared!!

I am also organising the school Halloween disco with the PTA, great fun... I love Halloween... any excuse to get dressed up, decorate the house and bake lots of fun yummy things!

Anyway, I think I can hear my monkey stirring!
Have a great day!
Em x

Monday, 21 September 2009

Its Autumn!

Yes ... I think I must finally admit that it is now autumn .... a season to dig out the jumpers, start making my store cupboard jams and chutney, lovely homely comfort food and Halloween!

Now that Ethan is settled into and enjoying school, it has given me much more time for scrapping... I have done quite a few LOs and also a lovely little mini book all about Ethan's first week at school, as well as photos I have saved some of his first artwork, notes from the school etc ... he loves showing it off to everyone who comes to visit! (I haven't taken any pics of it yet, but will get some up soon).

I have quite a bit of work to do before I collect him from school, so better get cracking... but in the meantime, here are some of my most recent creations!
Em xx

Friday, 28 August 2009

As promised ......

Hey everyone,

I said the other day that I would post some of the LOs I have been working on recently ... had to trawl back through to see what I have been doing since last posting. As it was the summer holidays, I didn't get as much done, and some work I can show as it was for the competition and some other commissions ... but here are a few!

em xx

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Life got in the way!!!

So, so, so very sorry ... I have been a rubbish blogger of late! It was the summer holidays and we had lots going on, but now Ethan has started school I have much more time on my hands .. and will have even more next week when he goes full-time!!

I have been doing loads of scrapping, will take some pics and get them up here asap ... been buying lots of yummy stash.. doing some home improvements... we have celebrated a few birthdays ... so lots of shopping... but mostly spending some fab time with our family and friends!

I promise to be better and not to devote all my time to Facebook, lol!

Here are a few pics to tide you over...

Back soon
em xx

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

He's football crazy!!

Evening all ...

Well I have been a slack-Sally again on the old blog front, I have no excuse .. except that summer arrived in Scotland last Friday and it has been lovely and sunny, so we have been spending most of our free time outside, finally!!!

So not been scrapping as much, although I did take Scrapbook Trends, Cards and a notebook down to the park and jotted down lots of ideas!!

I have many works in progress, as a result of superb daily prompts over on Cocoa Daisy, I am loving this forum, it is really inspiring and a great group of ladies.... I have been persuaded, lol, to sub to their kits ... can't wait!! I was extremely shocked recently to have been awarded the LO of the week twice in as many weeks, which is a great boost to the old confidence!

Here is a LO for you, I haven't taken any pics of the other finished ones and the light is too bad now ... in fact the light was bad on this LO, but you will get the general idea!Ethan joined a football team yesterday ... he is now signed up for football training every Tuesday evening, yesterday was his first session ad he LOVED it ... so, so cute..... I really wanted him to take part in a group sport, for the team building/confidence, as he starts school in the summer and I am fretting..... so i will now be spending my Tuesday evenings hanging out at the park... better get a good book!

Right, I am really tired tonight, I went for a really nice walk to Dysart this afternoon while he was at nursery, am in training for the Race for Life in a few weeks ... so am going to go to bed in anticipation of The Apprentice!

4 weeks today my boy will be 5!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes, yikes .... where oh where has the time gone?!
But on a less gut-wrenching note .. 4 weeks on Sat we will be lapping up the Greek sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nighty night!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Getting crafty ....

Sorry, been slacking on the old blog front .... E was away with his dad all last week, so I had loads on to keep me busy!

I still have a mountain of photos to go through ... will get some up soon ..

But here are a couple of LO I have been working on. Better go, got to get my boy, then we are going out for tea! Yum!
Em x

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Relaxed ...

Well, Ethan and I have been up visiting Nanny... so much fun. It is one of my favourite places in the world (the second being Petra!), so relaxing and we just love it up there and of course spending time with Nanny!

Have got loads of photos and lots of crafty stuff to share.. so will do a longer update in a bit..

Back soon
Em xx

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Rain, Rain go AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, looking out of the window you would think it was November ... grrrr!

So what is a girl to do but scrap, scrap, scrap, lol!!!

Got lots to do as always, so this is just a quick post to upload some LOs I have been working on... got a few more in final stages and some I can't show, so this will have to tide you over, lol!
Finally managed to find my gift voucher ... got my mits on the 2 new October Afternoon ranges ... yum!!

Right, I am going to get a coffee and try and warm up!
em x

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Technology .... can't live without it!

My laptop is still away at the Dr, lol, so in the meantime as I need to get some admin done, I have a loan of a laptop for the day .... my how I have missed it. Got a million emails and queries to respond too, (i also have a evoucher for an online stash shop, so want to get shopping as loads if new yumminess out!) and if I get time I will upload some pics.

Hope you are all well in blogland... back soon, hopefully!
Em x

Monday, 27 April 2009

A new love ...

Seriously, i am in love ...... i have fallen hard.... oh dear ..... today I have been playing with my new sewing machine (i have only had it since Christmas, lol!) and OMG I am so excited .. have so many ideas and projects buzzing around my happy little head!

Anyway, that is enough machine loving, hee hee! here is a LO I finished today... sewing, sewing, sewing ... on dear I think I am obsessed!! I think Katy and I might have a problem......

I am off to raid the fabric box!
em xx

Loving the Daisies!

Why is it raining ... is that summer over, oh my!? You wouldn't believe it from looking at the weather today, but I wore a sundress on Saturday ... it is back to wellies and jumpers today!!

We had a lovely week, lots of baking, crafting, trips to the park, Ethan is so much fun right now, I just love all his chat! I had a ball at the weekend, met up for lunch, which turned into a shopping trip, which then turned into dinner, which then turned into a trip to the cinema, great times! We went to see I Love You Man, seriously funny film... I need to get back on the diet today, as it kind of went out the window last week ... oh dear!

It was also an online crop over on Cocoa Daisy ... Katy and I were scrapping up a storm, and taking part in lots of challenges. Then to top it off, last night we all got to chat to Ali Edwards, she is totally amazing .. I am in awe! I managed to get the old mojo back on track, which is great. Here are a couple of LOs I have been working on, I have a few more needing that little finishing touch, then I can upload. I have also been playing around making fabric flowers, I have been attempting to make a 'bonnet bloom', as I love them, but am not going to pay £4 for 2!!! What do you think??! I am just about to drop Ethan at nursery, then I get 3 1/2 hours to scrap, scrap, scrap, yayyyyy!! Oh, can you believe this .. E got new shoes at the weekend ... he is a size 13, he is only 4!!! Yikes!

Anyway, hope you all have sun today and not rain .. I need to tidy up as Ethan has been painting at his easil this morning .. lots of lovely works of art, hee hee!
Em xx