Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Getting things done!

So December rolled in, I still can't believe how quickly this year has progressed, and I decided I was fed up with being housebound, sleeping all day, feeling ill! Christmas is my favourite holiday (apart from our time in Petra!), so I have many, many plans, exciting things lined up, to celebrate the holiday. Some small (baking, collecting holly from the woods, hot chocolate and marshmallows!) and some more elaborate (annual visit to the german Market for mulled wine, meeting father Christmas, ice skating, a trip to the pantomime!), but all of them seemed almost impossible, as I lay there, feeling wretched! But my lovely and ever supportive friend Katy encouraged me to get up, baby steps, one day at a time..... And do you know what?? It worked, she was right!

Yesterday I made all my Christmas cards (granted not as elaborate as last year as I didn't have weeks to sit up making them!) and last night, while watching Delia I wrote and addressed them all.

Today I started on goodies for my Christmas store cupboard, made leek and potato soup and an apple pie!

Now, I am still tired out by the littlest thing, still have a sore head. BUT I'm getting there and I'm not letting Swine Flu spoil Christmas!!!

Em x

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Katy said...

Yay check you out, your dong great my lovely and those small little steps really are great, i seem to achieve more that way :) Im feeling loads better this morning and im going to PUT MY TREE UP TODAY!!

My eyes are open, my world is a better place and as my nan always says "Put your best foot forward" so here we go Em.

Thanks for all your support to, a true friend.

Love Katy xxxx