Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Ethan practically jumped out of bed this morning, a little later than normal which I was very thankful for, as today is the start of chocolate for breakfast!!

Well, not breakfast, but the joy of an advent calender! Ethan has two this year as not only did I make him one, but his Aunty Marion (or yaya when we are in Greece, lol!) bought him a high school musical one! Last year, the fab and extreemly talented Beckie made an advent calendar out of match boxes, stunning! So I recreated it for ethan, thankfully I managed to get this done before swine flu struck. Ethan loves it, he is always so delighted when I make him things, especially mini books!

So, December is here and today is my first day out of bed and out of pj's (thank you Katy for the motivation!). Bring it on....although I may need a nap later, lol!

Em xx

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Katy said...

Wooohoooo i love the advent box/calendar its so cool, now i would want real money in there ahahahaha. I bet Ethan just loves it bless him.

And well done for doing what you did today, see i told ya we would rock it some how, im feeling pleased with what i have done and so should you. Tomorrow is another day, plenty more.

Love Me xxx