Thursday, 15 July 2010

Petra here we come..

well Ethan is now 6! My big boy, my super smart (sometimes pain in the but, lol!), cheeky wee monkey. He had a lovely day with friends and family at the Safari park, then local family restaurant for dinner, cake and presents. He had a ball!

I am now sitting, totally knackered in bed... having packed and sorted everything for out holiday. We leave for Manchester tomorrow and fly early on Saturday morning... to say


.... is an understatement!

So goodbye for now,

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Morning all,

Well today is less summer-like, but I am forgiving the weather as all the gardens up here need a jolly good watering!

I had a lovely chilled weekend, a spot of crafting, housework, catching up on Sky planner, and also been busy stocking up the store cupboard.

Those of you who read my blog will remember that I make my own jams and chutneys. My store cupboard is always full of yumminess; I still have some mincemeat and pickled pears from Christmas as well as the last few jars of preserved victoria plums, damson jam and green tomato chutney from Nanny's garden. I am always inspired by seasonal produce and tastes and flavours I have had on my travels. So this weekend I was preserving cherries. These are a Greek recipe and lovely over yogurt in the morning. Ethan loves them over breakfast pancakes. Preserving fruit is a great way of having some sunshine in the winter months; I love opening a jar of sunshine gloriousness on a cold winter morning...

My favourite fruit to preserve is quince. This is another Greek dish. I will be stocking up in a few weeks when we make our annual trip to Petra as quinces don't come into season until around October!

I get Joshua back this afternoon, Ethan on Tuesday, then it's Ethan's birthday on Wednesday and we are off to Nanny's on Thursday. What a great week!!

Right peeps,
Time to get crafting

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Friday, 2 July 2010

School's out!

well it is officially SUMMER!!

this means lots of fun in the sun and no more early mornings, no more packed lunches, no more school ties ... well for 6 weeks anyway!

We have had Joshua with us since Tuesday, it has been great fun but having them both is full on; Ethan is going on a wee holiday with his Daddy tonight and Joshua is going to his Nana's tonight so I will have a much-needed few days peace until I get them both back.

Then Ethan is 6 (!!!!!) on Wednesday, with 2 wobbly teeth and his first year at school finished he is growing up fast, so fast ... to fast.... please slow down a little Grandfather time!

Yesterday when I was out with Joshua in the buggy I looked down at him playing with Woddy .. and for an instant I thought it was a toddler Ethan. In that instant all these emotions flooded through me; happiness, sadness, joy, wonder.

Memories, memories, memories.

His sweet little fat hands touching my face, his soft wispy hair, the smell of his head after he has woken from a nap. It is so hard to think that those days have gone, my little babbling Ethan, toddling along in his nappy, dragging monkey by the arm.

My sweet boy!

But he is growing into such a smart, sweet, loving, helpful, considerate beautiful boy. I can't complain, but every now and then I will look back and remember!

This summer is going to be great fun, quality time with my family. Creating so many more happy memories!

Right, I can hear the boys stirring..

em x