Sunday, 4 July 2010

Morning all,

Well today is less summer-like, but I am forgiving the weather as all the gardens up here need a jolly good watering!

I had a lovely chilled weekend, a spot of crafting, housework, catching up on Sky planner, and also been busy stocking up the store cupboard.

Those of you who read my blog will remember that I make my own jams and chutneys. My store cupboard is always full of yumminess; I still have some mincemeat and pickled pears from Christmas as well as the last few jars of preserved victoria plums, damson jam and green tomato chutney from Nanny's garden. I am always inspired by seasonal produce and tastes and flavours I have had on my travels. So this weekend I was preserving cherries. These are a Greek recipe and lovely over yogurt in the morning. Ethan loves them over breakfast pancakes. Preserving fruit is a great way of having some sunshine in the winter months; I love opening a jar of sunshine gloriousness on a cold winter morning...

My favourite fruit to preserve is quince. This is another Greek dish. I will be stocking up in a few weeks when we make our annual trip to Petra as quinces don't come into season until around October!

I get Joshua back this afternoon, Ethan on Tuesday, then it's Ethan's birthday on Wednesday and we are off to Nanny's on Thursday. What a great week!!

Right peeps,
Time to get crafting

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1 comment:

Katy said...

Mmmmmm looking good my lovely as always. Send me a jar to taste test it for ya.

Not long now till your holiday woop woop. Will miss ya.

Love ya bestest. xxxx