Saturday, 27 February 2010

We have some order...


I had a very successful trip to Ikea yesterday with Kim, and a very expensive one too! Who knew about the Ikea breakfast, soooo yummy and only £1.69, will defo be going back to have breakfast again soon! Well they didn't have the cocktail glasses in that I wanted and I didn't buy any fabric this time, and I saw some lovely children's prints and some to make lots of lovely 'home' bits, not that I need an excuse to go back!!

During the week I had made a list (checked it twice, lol!), sketched what I wanted the area to look like, how much storage I would need ..... and I am so pleased with the end result. It is great to have everything to hand, but in a non-cluttered way. It has also freed up masses of space in my fitted wardrobe, which is great.

I also got a pole to hang the pens/tool pots from, but typically my drill was out of charge last night, so I will do it today. I got 6 cushions, the plain filler ones in different sizes to make lots of new cushions for my bedroom and I am also going to make two with the remnants of Deb's curtain fabric, for their bed.. hmmm what else? Some new wine glasses (so I can keep my CK ones for 'best'), these ones have the same sort of vintage feel, a new curtain pole for the bathroom, photo/picture frames, a mirror, curtain tape...hmmmmm there is something else but can't remember... and finally, while I was waiting for Kim to bring the car round I just had to get some bits in the food hall mmmmm!

I was planning to go down to the farmers market today, but when I opened my curtains this morning, I realised that we have deep snow. So I will give it a miss and stay in and play with my new stash (had a bit of a splurge on the new Maya Road chipboard, the new Thickers and some prima pebbles and swirls) ... I am in embellishment heaven!

Have a great day!
em x

Monday, 22 February 2010

and it just keeps rolling ....

Afternoon everyone,

well it is a lovely sunny, albeit freezing day today and I have been unleashing my creative streak once again ... am scared it will run away again, ha ha!!

Am off to have a coffee and chill for a bit before it is school run time, we also have guests for dinner, so lots to do!


Sunday, 21 February 2010

Mojo's a rockin'

Well I don't know where it went, and why it has come back, but I hope it never leaves! I am loving this little boost of creative energy, although I am getting a little heartsick to get back to my sewing!! Got a really good week ahead, and am looking forward to Friday. Kim is making over her bedroom and is really into the shabby chic/vintage look, so I am taking her to Cath Kidston, mwwwaaahhaaaa, I may well have to buy a few more bits! Also, we have just booked tickets to see Les Mis in May for my Nanny's birthday, really looking forward to it. There will be a BIG family meal, the next night at our favourite restaurant on her actual birthday (I will make the cake again, its my job, hee hee!). She will be 88, so she deserves the fuss!

I have just done all the school ironing, polished the shoes, sorted the gym kit and his school bag, all I need now is the boy to come home!

ta ta

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Saturday Kitchen

Morning all,
It snowed again last night, just a light dusting of snow, but it is still here this morning. I had hoped we had seen the last of the snow....

Anyway, I have just whipped up a scrummy lemon drizzle cake. I have made it before, but my recipe uses ground almonds and I had run out. So I tried the Tana Ramsey one (which doesn't use them!), much easier, looking forward to diving in!
I also did another 2 LOs yesterday, mojo definitely home, really enjoyed it and today I am hoping to play some more (in between eating cake!!).

Enjoy your Saturday!
Em x

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Something amazing has happened!!!!

Guess what?? It is spectacular. Wonderful! Amazing!!

My mojo (scrapping mojo as have plenty of sewing mojo, lol!), has shown it's wee face!! I've been working on my team CJ last few days and that sort of kick started it. So today I looked through some old photos got out some stash and hey presto! I love this photo of me, I can remember it being taken. I was so proud in my pretty 'for best' dress! The funny thing, looking at it now, is how much I look like Ethan!

Excuse the photos, they were taken on my iphone!

I'm going to make a coffee and do some more!!!

Em x

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Friday, 12 February 2010


I am writing this while I wait for my bro, Deb and Joshua to come and pick me up, I am going to theirs for dinner tonight, I may kiss my lil monkey to death!
Just been painting my kitchen pinboard red and adding some lovely red gingham, lovely!
I had a great 5 days up at my Nannys, it was very strange to be there without my boy, but very nice to chill, relax, chill, eat and shop with Nanny. We also did a bit more work on our family history. I have been getting her to write down information for a year or so now and it is really intresting. My family lived/worked/were born all over the place; Canada, Greece, Africa, India, Egypt, America. We have a Lord and a Sir, 3 nuns, a playright, 4 artists and an auther! We also sorted through lots of boxes and found old telegrams from significant family events, ration books, letters that were sent when from my great great grandmother in Tangier to my great grandmother in Egypt and one letter written to my Nanny from her mother 3 days before she died, very sad, but great to have as part of the family history!
We also had a great day shopping, what a laugh. I do so love my Nanny, she is one very special lady! I got lots of lovely bits, 2 new dresses, georgous patent black high heels, clothes for Ethan and Joshua, stuff for the house. The highlight of which is my CK wine glasses, cutlery and more mugs, I do love a bit of Cath Kidston!
Anyway, better find my shoes and get ready!
Oh yeah, Ethan is back on Sunday, can't wait!
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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Home sweet home

Morning everyone,
I'm just back from Mothers & Toddlers with Deb and Joshua, great fun. He is such a wee honey, I love how he reaches for cuddles, snuggly boy. When we got back here he was looking for Ethan, do cute...they really love each other and Ethan is very excited that J will be on holiday with us!
Deb had a look at Ethans quilt which is finished and being much loved by Ethan and the cats! We discussed fabric options for Joshuas quilt, so hoping to get cracking on that soon. My beautiful sister in law brought me 2 lovely yankee candles from NY, have them burning away now.
I've finished quite a few of my sewing projects, made the cath kidston padded placemats, reupholstered my dining chairs and desk chairs and working on 2 canvas' and cushions for my bedroom....busy, busy!

Ethan is off to Florida on Fri (they fly sat am), so I am heading up to my Nannys for a few days. I am really going to miss him, feeling sad already!

Well I am off to stalk the postman as am waiting on stash and more fabric!

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