Sunday, 21 February 2010

Mojo's a rockin'

Well I don't know where it went, and why it has come back, but I hope it never leaves! I am loving this little boost of creative energy, although I am getting a little heartsick to get back to my sewing!! Got a really good week ahead, and am looking forward to Friday. Kim is making over her bedroom and is really into the shabby chic/vintage look, so I am taking her to Cath Kidston, mwwwaaahhaaaa, I may well have to buy a few more bits! Also, we have just booked tickets to see Les Mis in May for my Nanny's birthday, really looking forward to it. There will be a BIG family meal, the next night at our favourite restaurant on her actual birthday (I will make the cake again, its my job, hee hee!). She will be 88, so she deserves the fuss!

I have just done all the school ironing, polished the shoes, sorted the gym kit and his school bag, all I need now is the boy to come home!

ta ta

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