Friday, 12 February 2010


I am writing this while I wait for my bro, Deb and Joshua to come and pick me up, I am going to theirs for dinner tonight, I may kiss my lil monkey to death!
Just been painting my kitchen pinboard red and adding some lovely red gingham, lovely!
I had a great 5 days up at my Nannys, it was very strange to be there without my boy, but very nice to chill, relax, chill, eat and shop with Nanny. We also did a bit more work on our family history. I have been getting her to write down information for a year or so now and it is really intresting. My family lived/worked/were born all over the place; Canada, Greece, Africa, India, Egypt, America. We have a Lord and a Sir, 3 nuns, a playright, 4 artists and an auther! We also sorted through lots of boxes and found old telegrams from significant family events, ration books, letters that were sent when from my great great grandmother in Tangier to my great grandmother in Egypt and one letter written to my Nanny from her mother 3 days before she died, very sad, but great to have as part of the family history!
We also had a great day shopping, what a laugh. I do so love my Nanny, she is one very special lady! I got lots of lovely bits, 2 new dresses, georgous patent black high heels, clothes for Ethan and Joshua, stuff for the house. The highlight of which is my CK wine glasses, cutlery and more mugs, I do love a bit of Cath Kidston!
Anyway, better find my shoes and get ready!
Oh yeah, Ethan is back on Sunday, can't wait!
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